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What’s this…? I first met Morning and Come this time, but they stole a kiss from me in a surprise attack… (even lapping me again and again) But they’re so cute, aren’t they? Suni.. be nervous.. I’m thinking about taking them as an adoption…
왠일이야…모닝이랑 캄이 실제로 처음 봤는데 나한테 기습키스했어..(심지어 설왕설래) 근데 너무 예쁘잖아 ㅠㅠ 수니야..긴장타라.. 입양을 고려중…


Be nervous and take it seriously, Suni!!!
긴장하라고 이싀끼야!!!!

I received presents only for Suni, not for Prince… Why??
수니 선물만 오고 프린스건 없음…이 뭥미?? スニちゃんのプレゼントだけきてプリンスのものは何もない。なんでやね?

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  1. don’t be nervous suni! they’re all going to be your friend, you will have friends to accompany you if your master is not there beside you! haha!

    • dont’ be nervous suni! i think your master is just bluffing!
      suni is the one and only!
      (only jks, the master that would bluff to his real pet)


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