[15.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

We had an emergency meeting at a restaurant this morning…
(JKS used hangul characters, but the following tweets were written in Japanese.)
If I said, everyone (or everything) would quit? Now I’m angry!!!!!!!!
아침부터 야마돌아 레스토랑에서 갑자기 컨퍼런스..이에바 젠부 야메루까나? 이마 오레 오콧테루!!!!!!!!

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  1. I heard most of the seat of CRI SHOW2 in Seoul were occupied by (or sold to) agencies that get tickets instead of buyers especially for concerts held overseas. I’m not sure the most of agencies this time were Japanese ones, but it’s true there are many such agencies in Japan. Most agencies are legal, but some are not… I mean they just get tickets only for black market, to sell them with a crazy price. The same things happened in his last Taiwanese CRI SHOW…

    Surprisingly, I heard there were no pre-order services for Korean official FC members, so many Korean eels failed to get the ticket… 🙁

    I think the biggest problem this time is that Tree-J didn’t make room for Korean official eels in advance… CRI SHOW2 starts from Seoul. This year is his 20th anniversary. Why didn’t they prioritize Korean loyal eels??? If they had done so, such problems might not have happened… First should be for Korean eels, then the rest for international eels.

    I heard Tree-J made additional seats for Korean eels. I really really hope there will be full of Korean eels and JKS and eels there have a great time 🙂

    • tenshi-chan..i thought there is still a pre-order for the fan club members..like June 14 for the pre-order, then June 18 for the public sales..

      but if this the case, it must have been really frustrating both on keun suk’s part and the korean eels..

  2. I understand his anger. Cri Show starts from Seoul and i am sure he would want to see his Korean fans. It is also fair that the Korea FC members should get the tickets first. I guess it is hard for him to have another concert which is why they are trying to squeeze in extra seats. Hopefully all the Korean eels can get a ticket although it is not quite possible.

    Tree J should have anticipated the problem. I guess they still need time to grow as a company.

  3. Those ticket agencies bought ticket as if investing in Equity index futures in market, those tix will increase in high value in a very short time. This is the power of suk. sigh. i think cri-j should prepare special ticket for official FC member, buying with their ID member and limit the purchase (eg, 1 ID member only could buy max 4 tix). etc.


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