9 thoughts on “[Trailer] 2012 JANG KEUN SUK ASIATOUR THE CRI SHOW Ⅱ”

  1. My dear prince, the stage is yours, express your talents to the fullest! We will support you always! Wish you success in CRI show II! Do also take good care of yr health ! JKS fighting!!! You are our BRIGHTEST STAR!^*

      • I too am really interested……… Do let me know…… however i was told by one from his Official Fan Website that Thailand is only being under consideration…… soo i am quite devastated atm…….. :(. Hope it will materialise soon.

        As no one from the official website seems to know about the thailand’s Show at all…

  2. Don’t forget tonight our beloved JKS Happy Camp show is aired so get ready go for it tonight . Me tool stretching my neck long to go for it hahahaaa..

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  4. I just read from his official website announcement dated 19-Sep that Thailand Cri Show 2012 has been cancelled 🙁 sob sob … Fukuoka,Shenzhen Cri show no change as per schedule. The next alternative to see him is in Shenzhen …


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