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I sometimes act like a fool. I admit I’m mischievous enough that there are some people in show biz who try to avoid me. But… at least I want to be a true Korean Prince of Asia for the sake of my country, not for the dishonor of my country… well, that’s kind of stuff. Anyway, it’s much harder to get rid of my baby-like-chubby belly than I imagined.
가끔은 진상처럼 보이기도 사고뭉치에다가 연예계에선 날 기피하는 사람도 있을정도로 사고뭉치인 나지만..적어도 내 나라 망신안시키는 진정한 한국인 아시아프린스가 되고싶다..그냥 그렇다고.. 근데 아가배는 참 어렵구나

Staff: When did you disgrace your country?… What happened to you even in the daytime!!! I wonder it might be hard to do exercise for the baby-like-chubby belly …. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
JKS: I just felt proud when I saw my holding a Korean national flag in Shanghai. hu hu.
Staff: It sounds like you’re Prince of Asia! You’re Korean pride!! You are none other than youT T
“@minzzangde: @AsiaPrince_JKS 언제 나라 망신 시킨적있니?… 낮부터 왜그래!!! 아가배가 많이 힘든거니 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ”ㅡ상하이에서 태극기 들고 있는 사진보니까 넘 자랑스러워서ㅎㅎㅡ역시 아시아프린스답다! 너님은 한국의 자랑!! 니몸이 니몸이 아님ㅠ

Restaurant owner: Keun-suk.. You’re like an angel of the show biz. Keep going as you are.. !
JKS: Yeah!! Go Straight!!
“@Naosnova: @AsiaPrince_JKS 근석아.. 너는 연예계의 천사급이야.. 지금같이만 해.. 쭈욱!”ㅡ응!! 직진!!

Staff: JKS, the concert tour for Asian countries starts on July 7th. Well…It’s not CRY SHOW… ㅠㅁ ㅠ
JKS: How many times I have to tell you..? Why you’re crying??? It’s CRI SHOW!!!!!
“@codeinconnu: 장근석, 7월7일 서울서 亞콘서트투어 포문 http://me2.do/Fbcm55x 저기… 크라이쇼 아니거든요… ㅠㅁ ㅠ”ㅡ도대체 몇번을 얘기하는건가..쇼가서 울어??? 크리쇼라규!!!!!

Restaurant owner: By the way, what is the baby-like-chubby belly? Baby boat?
JKS: It’s visceral fat caused by drinking alcohol… This is also the project headed straight now.
“@Naosnova: @AsiaPrince_JKS 근대 아가배는 뭐야? 베이비 보트?”ㅡ술로 인해 생긴 내장지방…이것도 프로젝트 직진중

It’s time to go back to Korea~~~ Go To Incheon Right now!!
그기어 한국 갈 시간~~~ 고투 인천 롸잇나우!!

Go! Go Straight!!
죠! 직진!!

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  1. But Sukkie dearest, we love you just the way you are ! Am sure your fellow country men will see your charm in due time just like all of us here !!!

    You’re soooo cute to be concerned about your little belly … all these teasing on your belly must be getting to you … Hahaha … Work hard to shed it off my prince ^^

  2. Hahahah… the Cute Boy has been bothered about his baby belly? I have noticed that he seemed to gain weight in Love Rain’s episode 17, that scene he was cooking. His face was a little bit chubby compared to the previous episodes. And his belly was a bit obvious when in episode 19, in that scene when he was wearing a purple polo shirt, the belly seemed to flipping but he looks more handsome that he gained weight though… and that would be good if he has those baby belly he will not dare to go shirtless during the Cri Show hahhahahh…

  3. YO !!!! Jang Keun Suk !!! Jiayou !!! with determination and hard work u’ll be able to get rid of ur little belly~~ hahaha but dont overwork urself!

  4. Don’t worry about your belly ok drink less alcohol and dont go for late night supper as you know once you drink you intend to have the tendency of eating . Take care health is wealth

  5. JKS ^_^ I will always love you ..your good look is a bonus to uS eels but it is you being yourself that we eels truly love and adore >_<
    JKS is the best always as for me 😉
    Fighting JKS 😉


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