Rehearsal for "The Last in Seoul" FM on 5 Sep 2010

Credits: as tagged in video

No translation, but I’m content with seeing Jang Keun Suk work behind the scenes!
Love his smile, passion and professionalism!

His “The Last in Seoul” DVD is on sale by pre-ordering from an agent company, but it does not have English or Chinese subtitles.
I guess I’ll wait for the subtitled version if there is one, because it is hard not knowing what JKS is talking about.

I think the first pre-order phase carried out in Korea, Taiwan, China and Singapore etc is already over. The last I checked (if my memory serves me correctly), pre-ordering involves sending an email with your order, wait for their money transfer details, transfer the money, send another email with the transaction details, then they will send a confirmation email, then you have to wait some time for the delivery. There should be a second pre-order phase coming up soon.


Really beats me why his company does not arrange for his DVD to be sold in major record stores globally, but has to go through such a convoluted sales process. Anyway, do support his DVD as and when it’s on sale!


“The Last in Seoul” DVD 以预购的方式在韩国,台湾,中国,新加坡等国家出售,但没有中英文字幕。我想等有字幕的 DVD 才买,因为不知道小硕说什么是件痛苦的事情。

应该会有第2期预购吧~ 可是预购方式真的很麻烦,不了解为什么他的 DVD 不能在全球的唱片行销售,相信销售量会更好,不是吗?
总之,大家要支持小硕的 DVD 哦~

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