[Fan-made] Artistic “Just Crazy” bento

Geun-chan! “Just Crazy” deco-ben (decorated boxed meals) was completed! If I lived near Tree-J company, I would bring it to you… This is Japanese culture? It’s full of an eel’s love.
グンちゃん!JUST CRAZYデコ弁完成!tree-Jが近かったら持参したいですが・・これぞjapanese culture?うなぎの気持ち。

tenshi_akuma’s note: In Japan making such artistic bentos are popular among young mothers to entertain their children. They are called “chara-ben” (boxed meals inspired by anime or manga characters) and “deco-ben” (decorated boxed meals). There are many recipe books and cooking tools sold at shops.
Here’s the samples. Part1 Part2

8 thoughts on “[Fan-made] Artistic “Just Crazy” bento”

  1. amazing.. beautiful..

    i wonder what did she make of Suk’s face?
    it’s not rice, isn’t it, it’s too smooth

  2. seems like many mummy eels all over the world are treating Sukkie as part of their family.. and it is really Love recipe from eels ^_^ I believe Sukkie will be very touched to see the bento prepared with love all covered…


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