[Event] Love Rain never ending story

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Love Rain never ending story

Love Rain has ended happy ending with Seo-Jun and Hana’s marriage.
But what if In-Ha and Yoonhee meet again!? What if Seo-Jun and Hana are finally falling out!?
What do you think about Love Rain ending? Are you interested in LoveRain after story?
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9 thoughts on “[Event] Love Rain never ending story”

  1. I wonder if this means the producers are thinking of a sequel. Much as I still yearn to see more of Joon but I don’t think they should. Joon and Hana have married happily so a sequel will spoil it.

  2. The ending was already beautiful..sequel? Don’t think so…better to see another drama of sukkie and yoona…with another love story…hope to see their new drama soon….

  3. Me too hope to see both of them JGS & Yoona to come up with another love drama and I think not only me waiting there will be lots of his and her fans waiting to watch it too am I right ??

    • Oh no sequel please. The ending was very nice. I would prefer that Sukkie & Yoona will have amother drama. I wish that their roles will both be lawyers. They have best chemistry specially if they are bickering. It would be very nice if they will be fighting in the courtroom.

  4. No sequel please! I would prefer to see JKS in a daily drama series with 60 or more episodes so I can see him every day LOL. But we all know that’s highly impossible for he’s such a busy person. Perhaps his next acting project would be a movie since he has just done a drama …

    • Faye, yes.. with his current Cri-show schedule for this year, I doubt it is possible to have another drama this year, most likely movie which takes shorter filming schedule, but again that depends if he can get a good script & role which he wants..

  5. Oh ! What ever it is I don’t mind as long as theres another new drama coming up show by both JKS n Joona I m happy I shall support them all the way out

  6. Love rain is so heart warming and parting with series is very difficult and I am also yearning for a sequel, if they can think of a great story for the sequel and if the director and all the cast would still be the same, i say go for it…..


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