[Video] “Just Crazy” got No.1 ranking on Oricon Weekly Chart

UPDATE: Korean news
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Text translation: tenshi_akuma
About Oricon Weekly Album Chart this week, Jang Keun Suk’s first album “Just Crazy” got a NO.1 ranking. JKS became the first male solo artist whose debut album topped the Oricon Weekly Album Chart in 8 years since 2004, Japanese artist Naotaro Moriyama. Besides, it’s the first foreign male solo artist for the achievement. JKS commented, “I feel great!! I’m really happy. I’ll visit Japan, so please look forward to it!!”
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Text translation: tenshi_akuma
About Oricon Weekly Album Chart this week, Korean actor and singer Jang Keun Suk’s first album “Just Crazy” got a NO.1 ranking. It’s the first foreign male solo artist for the achievement.

12 thoughts on “[Video] “Just Crazy” got No.1 ranking on Oricon Weekly Chart”

  1. Kyaaweee… I’m soo happy for Sukkie. Yeahhh…NO.1!!! He makes history in the entertainment world again. Gogogogo Prince Sukke, you can go higher!!!

  2. Congrats to our Princejks 😉
    All his hard work are appreciated and his dream of having a Japanese album under his name is finally release and hit No.1 😉
    He must be very excited and we eels are very happy for his success ^_^

  3. Sukkie, you’ve made another major milestone in your life!!! Congratulates! all eels are happy to hear this news and I’m happy to be with you always ^_^
    Just got the poster of “Just Crazy” album today.. still waiting for the albums to arrive!!!

  4. OMG….my dear eel sisters and friends, I was sooooo Happy hearing that Sukkie’s album top the weekly chart yesterday….

    Today, I’m too upset. I broke down and cried so bad when I read the BAD people saying that Sukkie brought the CDs himself so his albums can Top the Chart. (After reading this stupid, bad news, it occurred to me why Sukkie sounded little upset or complained about some things. May be because of this news….. who know?)

    How can people said such hurtful things. Don’t they know, Sukkie has thousands and thousands of hard core fans who love and support him, who would buy anything had his name on it. As I can recall, Sukkie had tweeted that he brought about 50 CDs from some stores during his Trip in Japan and gave to his friends wherever places he happened to visit. Such generous action is now being labeled as cheating. I just don’t understand some people nowadays, so cruel!!!!

    PS. I’m so sorry to spoil everyone joy. Just can’t help myself, I need to express it out. Please forgive me sisters. sis Ivy, you have my permission to delete this post if you find it inappropiated…. just want to express my feeling. Thank you.

    • OMG~ Kailey, I didn’t know about the bad rumours!

      Some people are plain spiteful – they hate to see anyone else doing well.
      Ya, so JKS bought 50 CDs and gave them as gifts to some people he met such as the staff in some restaurants etc. Even as a promotional effort, it’s a sincere and kind gesture – how many celebrities do you see doing that? I’m sure the people who received the album from JKS personally are very touched.

      Such a sincere gift can be misconstrued and distorted into JKS buying his own CDs and driving up the sales… excuse me to all those brainless people out there, 50 CDs is peanuts and won’t increase the numbers much. If anyone insinuates that JKS bought hundreds or thousands to increase his sales, then bring out the evidence. No one can say whether any celebrity engages in such underhanded action or not because that person is not the celebrity – we’ll never really know whether any celeb or his record company do that. So unless there is evidence, these people are just talking rubbish. (and when we read too much rubbish, we absorb all the bad odours and get sick)

    • Wanna add, people who sprout rubbish (without evidence) should just stay in the dustbin and avoid contaminating the environment and everyone else.

      I am angry!

    • Kailey.. don’t get upset.. just remember that when someone gets popular, there are always bad news that come after as there are either some media who wants to get attention or some antis who take the opportunity of the situation.. Like so many previous cases of rumors which pop up when Sukkie has made some achievement and all these rumors disappeared automatically when found untrue in the end…… we just can’t stop all this but we can always stand by Sukkie ^_^ I’m also laughing at how some ppl made a mole out of 50 albums against 88,000 (plus pre-sales of 130,000)… somehow only those who are either very ignorant or are bad in numbers to make this story of 50 albums shooting up the sales.. I believe most internet users are smart.. so Kailey, don’t worry or upset…


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