[Pic] JKS with Japanese actor Kota Miura

I encountered Jang Keun Suk on the street!! I introduced myself as a Japanese actor and said I had appeared on “Bad Guy (Korean-Japan joint production drama)”. He replied that he is a friend with Kim Jaeuck (one of the performers)! He gave me his CD album( ^o^)ノ He asked me to upload this photo on Twitter, so I do( ^o^)ノ
道端でチャングンソクに会った!!日本の俳優で「赤と黒」出てたと話したらキムジェウク氏と仲良しだよーって! CDくれたーーーっ( ^o^)ノ写真Twitterにアップロードしてと言われたので載せますよぉ( ^o^)ノ

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