5 thoughts on “[Summary] “Just Crazy” promotional events in Japan”

  1. Thanks Kaori chan.

    OMG…JKS is sooo gorgeous handsome in all pictures for this promotion. Can’t stop looking at him. Super love his full wall gigantic posts. I guess the bigger, the better…kekeke

    JustCrazy keeps on soaring up high throughout the world!!! Fighting!!

  2. Kaori chan, so many big posters everywhere in Shibuya… I would go “Just Crazy” looking at those pictures if I’m in Japan now! ^_^

    • I didn’t mention clearly but some pics are taken in Shinjuku, Osaka and Odaiba. Now Crazy Sukkie is everywhere in Japan!!!! 🙂

  3. I supposed the boss of the restaurant must be an eel of JKS.
    Wish U all the success, PrinceJKS
    Luv U forever !!


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