[30.05.2012] Tree-J twitter

Guen-chan is now participating NICO NICO LIVE! All eels, let’s go to the chatroom at NICO NICO LIVE right now!!
니코동 참여중인 근짱입니다! 지금 장어분들 모두 니코동 챗방으로 고고!!

Guen-chan is now participating the chatting at NICO NICO LIVE!
니코동 챗방에 참여하는 근짱!

Guen-chan seems to be just happy while watching video eels give us messages to him.
니코동 인터을 보고 좋아하는 근짱이에요^^뷰하는 장어분들

Jang Keun Suk’s Japan official album topped the ORICON chart.
Following the no.1 of single chart last year, he ranked first! 
Thank you very much again. all eels.
장근석 일본 정규앨범 오리콘 1위 달성했습니다. 작년에이여 연이은 오리콘 1위! 장어분들께 다시한번 감사드립니다!

It was ranked first at the list of ORICON chart. All eels! I really appreciate it !! ^^
오리콘 1위라고 올라왔습니다. 장어분들! 정말 감사드립니다!!^^

6 thoughts on “[30.05.2012] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Tenshi San, I must say you really put so much effort in this site. Yr dedication to JKS & eels touches my heart! JKS should give you a big HUG! You deserve my respect fr the hard work & time & creativity and many more! ARIGATOH! <3<3 This is the BEST JKS site I've ever visited! Well done & Cheers to you! Keep up to the good work!

    • Lynn.. I agreed with you totally.. In fact, Kaori chan is also a very lucky eel as she has seen Sukkie in person during autograph session (we have seen even the vid taken by Japan TV program on the scene of Sukkie signing the autograph for Kaori chan ^_^) and also Kaori chan is able to attend Sukkie’s concert in Japan which even the registered fans need to go through balloting due to the demand… she really deserve all these with the lucky stars with her… and I’m glad to know Kaori chan via Ivy’s blog here…

      • Really sis QQ? Can you please share the video, i would love to see how he talked to tenshi…

      • @QQ really sis? I did not watch that video,can pls share it here..I would love to see Tenshi & Prince together
        In one precious event..thanks!

  2. Thanks for the info! I’m a new JKS’ eel. Glad to know you & Kaori chan. We are soooo lucky because of the timely news supplied by Kaori chan as well as our many loyal eels!! Let’s us heat up this site & keep fighting! Hip hip hooray to all who hv contributed ! Long live our Prince JKS**


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