[Video] “Just Crazy” special program @NICO NICO LIVE

UPDATE: June 2
In commemoration of JKS’ debut album “Just Crazy”, his special program “Just Crazy” World was webcast for 24 hours on NICO NICO LIVE. 279,653 people joined the event and 394,598 comments were posted. Below are some videos from it.

Credits: dragonfly4887
Text translation: Finally the album goes on sale tomorrow. The album goes on sale! Buy it!
Everyone, do you have plenty of time to spare? Work hard, fighting!

Credits: InfinitySui

3 thoughts on “[Video] “Just Crazy” special program @NICO NICO LIVE”

  1. Arigato, Kaori-chan ^^ I have watched Nico Nico Live through 24hrs – 8hr sleep 😀 Finding it really amazing when listening to his voice for almost this day and watching over him together with Japanese Eels who came and expressed their continuous support to Prince and his album on such broadcast. Wish that I had been there, too
    Kaori-chan, did you drop by ^^

  2. new album??…title “WHITE GARDEN”?…like “white garden”…del K-drama LOVE RAIN?…..woooooooooooow!….AMAZING!…
    omg!..Jang geun suk love “love rain”….yeah!
    I support Love rain and …YoonSuk♥ 😉
    congratulation Sukki 🙂


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