I ♥ Jang Keun Suk (장근석) – 장근석닷넷

Updated 23 Feb:
For English translation of Korean videoletter, please click “Continue reading” to view the post in full.
Translation credits: 소풍sopoong

Credits: pogny93 @ Youtube & JangKeunSuk.net

It is a very, very beautiful video and watching it brings tears to my eyes.

“I love Jang Keun Suk”

The message is simple. When one person says it, when two people say it, when hundreds and thousands of eels across the world say it, I believe in the uplifting power and love it brings to all of us and to our beloved JKS.

The message is simple, yet the video captures so many different ways of saying it, in such creative ways, drawing on all the little things in our lives that we may not have noticed otherwise… We can show our love for JKS, in our own ways and in our own lives!

The message is simple, but we say it from our hearts, loud and clear – Jang Keun Suk, we love you!!

To every single eel out there, let us be true and steadfast in showing our love and support for Keun Suk oppa!

Last but most important, many, many thanks to Tende for sharing this beautiful video with us – yes, it is an amazing and very touching video letter (sorry, I couldn’t wait to see if you could translate the Korean message in the video – I just had to share this fast 🙂 )

What a wonderful project from JangKeunSuk.net!
(p.s. Did JangKeunSuk.net send this video to JKS? He’ll love it!)

English Translation of Korean letter in video
Translation credits: 소풍sopoong

I want to say ‘I love you so much’
I want to say aloud ‘I will be on your side forever’

Don’t be sad
Don’t get hurt

I hope
my little words reach your heart and remove a tiny *pebble in your heart at least

since we are deeply in love with each other
the love might hurt us and it might be a burden on us

I hope
this little gift comforts you for a little moment at least
and makes you smile with all your heart

at that very moment
our hearts will be there with you.

(*Korean use pebbles or rocks in someone’s heart as a metaphor for pains, burden )

—- Message from Tende —-

Dear aphrael77!

Today, I came here to show you a Amazing and very Touching VideoLetter.
This Video made by JangkeunSuk.net (of course, I’m the member of that site. haha!)
The Project name is “I Love JKS(장근석)”.
About 43 eels participate, And our Webmaster “Cholin” Edit this Video.
We just want to show how much we love, thank, and support JKS with this video.
(Again, My English is very very poor, I want to say lots of things but I can’t..so sad)

If It’s Ok, Would you post This Video to your site, So Our ForeignEels
watch this video together and feel same Feeling like us.

Thank you sooo Much!

— end —

25 thoughts on “I ♥ Jang Keun Suk (장근석) – 장근석닷넷”

  1. haha me too! You know, we’re lucky to have JKS but I think JKS is also lucky he has fans like these 🙂 I’ve to admit. These fans are really hardcore… hats off to them! And it’s thanks to them that we get to see such beautiful touching videos.

  2. First of all thanks to pogny93 and also aphrael77 for sharing with us.
    Very very well made video..
    Really proud with them for coming up with this idea.
    One Word: Awesome !!!

  3. Thank you for posting our Video!!!! Wow!! This is very impressive moment!!!
    We live Different country, use different language, but We Feel the Same Feeling!!!

    Dear aphrael, I just send email to you, pls check your mailbox 🙂
    and you know what.. It almost take Five Hour to write that letter……..;;
    because of my poor English, I wrote and erase and wrote several time..haha sigh..
    I should visit your site often, So I can improve my english~~ May I??? XD
    Everybody~~~ Have a good day!!!

    ps: pogny93 is Jangkeunsuk.net’s Webmaster(Cholin초린)!

    • Hi tende,

      I should thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us – it’s the result of all your love and hard work!

      and it’s an amazing and wonderful feeling when eels in different countries understand one another – we’re all united because of our love for JKS! Fighting!!

  4. i really hope JKS gets to watch the video and knows whats going on in his eels’ world…why not he gives free tickets to his asia tour to all those bloggers who put in lots of time and work just for JKS

    • haha, i second that!!

      if that really came true, i think there will suddenly be many blogs springing up all over the internet …. : D

      it’s ok, though… i don’t mind buying the ticket myself cos I want to show my support 🙂

  5. he always show the best effort to his fan, he LOVE his fans a Lot..so he accept a million times Love as return ^^ he deserved it!

    good job! thanks for share friends …yea hope JKS watch this video— 🙂

  6. thks, asphrael, for sharing this video. most of all, thks to the eels who made this video! such love for jks!!

    i really hope this is sent to jks so that when he feels disappointed with some fans, he wd still be cheered up by the devotion of his true fans.

    however, jks is a tough guy and a realistic one. i read an a fan’s blog account at lovesears blog where the fan quoted a statement which JKS said: “One day fans may leave me. But even if they do so I want to have them to say ‘I was happy to have been a fan of JKSs’, and I had a lot of fun then.’ and for that I will do my best”…

    isn’t he a fantastic person!? isn’t it great to be a fan of such a star who puts in his best for his fans? like him, we shd enjoy the moment now and just be happy being fans of jks.

    one day when we’re all older (jks older too), i’ll STILL be a fan with lots of happy memories of how he is now. i really wd love to see how jks is like (in looks and in behaviour) when he’s older. wd he look like jo in sung? 😀

  7. thx u aphrael for sharing this video and thx for korean eels.. you’re all amazing!!! JKS will be happy having you as his eels 🙂

    Keep supporting our Keun Suk Oppa!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing this video, it was very touching, like other fans said, it’s great to know that no matter where we are, how old we are, what skin color,… We stand united by our love for JGS! I really hope he gets to see it, and knows that he has many many persons who fully support him! Whatever his choices are!

    Thanks again!

  9. wow.. so touching.. very well done.. 😀 and the thought of the eels who made this.. very good.. i hope jks would see this.. 😀 he would be very happy if he does.. 😀

  10. Hi!
    What should I say not to repeat something already said here except thanking for the video, which I suppose needed a hard work, ‘Thanks for the subs, aphrael!” and I hope he will be in good health to share with us many, many wonderful performing moments..See you…!

  11. What a beautiful & creative video! You’re right there are different ways to show our love & support to our multi-media star, our Prince J. It also moved me to watching this clip.

    Thank you to Eels who created this video & I also hope JKS can see this so that there a lot of fans who loves him & will always be there for him no matter what.

  12. Thank’s much for sharing this very beautiful video, yes its true.. i got teary eyes watching this vid….WE are all here united as one for sukkie no matter how far and what race we are… Once you’re addicted to me, you won’t be able to escape!!! I read this message on one of other’s post and exactly how I feel for him….so much addicted….Keep fighting sukkie…WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  13. I love you so much and I hope to meet you one day and I know myself and I lovoice was very beautiful at the top of the romantic and I hear your voice every day and ve your follow every day and I adore so much and I wish you success
    Rasha from Saudi Arabia

  14. my name is yoko and i love jang geun suk i wont to be his girlfriend but how i will be death if i will never see him i love him sooooooooooo much


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