[28.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Even for a moment he can’t feel complacent.
During takes he dropped by our meeting and checked plans of the coming tour.
He’s a true perfectionist!!
잠시도 방심할 수 없다 막촬 와중에 잠시 들러 공연 회의 체크하신다 지독한 완벽주의자!!

“Love Rain” episode 19 goes on air soon. Now it’s the last day of shooting.
Guen-chan is just shooting.
곧 사랑비 19회 시작, 이제 정말 마지막 촬영. 막촬 스포 근짱~

Over! Thanks for shooting in safety!!!
끝! 무사촬영 감사!!!

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  1. Kaori chan, Thanks for sharing… I always salute Sukkie for being a responsible & professional artiste, besides, he has great leadership and he sure look so charming when at work offscreen too! ^_^ Hope he he can take a short break before he starts his Cri show concerts…


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