[27.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter

It’s been a while since I went to the shooting site! Are they shooting right now?
간만에 현장! 오늘 막촬인가?

I’m editing what I shot..
“@minzzangde: 간만에 현장! 오늘 막촬인가? http://pic.twitter.com/Hk0bt1MD”ー막촬같은소리하네..

I want to eat sushi and drink Hakkaisan (Japanese famous sake) T_T
스시랑 핫카이산 먹고싶다 ㅜㅠ すしとハ海山飲みたいㅜㅠ

But I recommend you to have jijim and Makkori on such a weather like today.
“@ashura1999: 스시랑 핫카이산 먹고싶다 ㅜㅠ すしとハ海山飲みたいㅜㅠ”ㅡやっぱきょうみたいな天気にはジジミとマッコリがいいじゃないんですか?

Prince’s managers! They’re shooting together!!! Uh~ Youngdeuk, where are you???
프린스의 매니져군단들! 막촬을 함께해요!!! 아~ 영득아~ 어디갔니!!!

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  1. I sow Love Rain,but till wednesday,when I can see last 2 episodes to have my full opinion…but is a favorable one ,I want this series in Romania,too.Even I know that JGS is soo bussy,I should like to thank him and all staff for what they do.I also like Jang Geun Suk know about Romanian fans,on twitter we enter periodical,but on Facebook,daily.More info about you


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