[News] The track lists of “Love Rain” OST 2 were unveiled

UPDATE: posted the link of all the tracks of “Love Rain” OST Part 1
“Love Rain” OST Part2 is out! The most notable song is “Fate” sung by Seo In Guk! But some songs are just different version of the previous tracks. And It’s really too bad that songs of “C’est la vie” aren’t included.. 🙁
Please see the list below.

Release date: 2012-05-31
1. 그대니까요(노래: 나도균)
2. 첫 사랑(노래: 길구봉구 중 “길구”)
3. 속마음(노래: 방울악단)
4. 운명[바보처럼](노래: 서인국)
5. 비가오고 또 비가오면(노래: 길구봉주 중 “길구”)
6. 나는 지금(노래: 강승원)
7. 사랑비(String Ver.)
8. 사랑은 비처럼(String&Piano Ver.)
9. 자꾸자꾸(String Ver.)
10. “Song Of Rain”(String Ver.)
11. 사랑스러운 그대(Scat: 손빈나)
12. 자꾸자꾸(Guitar Ver.)

English translations of 12 tracks are below. (*new songs)
1. Because It’s You / Na DoKyun
2. First Love / “Bonggu” from Gilgu Bonggu *
3. My true feelings/ Bell Band *
4. Fate (like a fool) / Seo In Guk *
5. After raining, it rains again / “Bonggu” from Gilgu Bonggu *
6. I’m now / Kang Seung-Won *
7. Love Rain – String Ver.-
8. Love Is Like Rain – String & Piano Ver.-
9. Constantly – String Ver. –
10. Song Of Rain -String Ver.-
11. Loving You / (Scat) Son Binna *
12. Constantly – Guitar Ver. –

You can check the tracks of “Love Rain” OST Part1.
Here is the link of all the tracks of “Love Rain” OST Part1.

Credits: Butterfly7742
Fate (like a fool) / Seo In Guk from ep18

Credits: sigtkfkd
Fate (like a fool) / Seo In Guk from ep12

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  1. aww…i still hope for a special bonus edition with C’est la vie (both 70s and 2012) songs in it….i really love their singing!!!!! 🙂

  2. I’m disappointed that Sukkie only gets to sing one song in the soundtracks. Hope they can include Cest la Vie’s songs at least!

  3. thanks for the new ost list, i also hope that it will have some bonus tracks in the 70’s like “Who’ll stop the rain” “love rain” performed by C’est la vie . . . can i post the list in another forum i’m in? . . . thanks

    • Hello shygirl23! There will be in Filipino Language. As far as I know, ABS-CBN will going to broadcast it. I just don’t know when. I’m hoping that it wouldn’t be corny. 🙂

      I really love this Korean drama. Koreans are really good when it comes to love story. 🙂

  4. whoah ! i love this movie very much . specially my jang geun suk hehe ! i hope that he have a time to visit Philippines ! i will wait for ya :>

  5. what was the song in episode 6 where they were eating at a restaurant? i think the line goes like this “walk away baby that’s the way that you do… the paris walk” of some sort. apparently it’s not part of the soundtrack.

    help anyone? thanks!

  6. a there is a song of love rain, a song when they were in japan and was looking for the diamond snow, i really really want to know the title of it please please help me. thank you!

  7. Hi friends, that does not concerned with JKS

    But Let me ask, what’s the song title that Hae Geum sung for her father in “I’ll give the stars and the moons for you”

    I can’t find it.

  8. love rain is so amazing. i watched it as many as i can repeat it……………. saranghae. i love yoona and jang geun suk

  9. Wats d song which comes wen d hero shoots pics….
    Will be back to the plastic hearts. ..something lyk dat…kindly help me in getting it… I really love it alot


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