[25.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

In NICONICO LIVE on May 29 (Tue), we are going to webcast a lot of Gune-chan’s comments for viewers! We appreciate cherry-chan who shot him in a beautiful outdoor garden and JKS who gave a lot of comments without any scripts!
5/29 (화) 니코생방에는 니코니코 시청자와 함께하는 근짱의 오리지널 멘트가 가득! / 예쁜 야외에서 촬영해준 채리짱 / 대본에 없는 멘트도 잔뜩해준 근짱 감사크리! 아유 예뽀!

Prince’s new character was born! It’s a charger of iPhone!!
프린스 NEW 캐릭터 탄생! 아이폰충전기에 뙇!! 업글!!

Yes, Geun-chan is beautiful! Sigh… more beautiful than women… There is no time to say so!! All I need is D…Diet…
근짱 미모 돋네! 헐… 여자보다 더 예뻐… 이럴 때가 아니야!! 다…다이어트…

Nowadays MJ is becoming more popular! He’s become camera conscious… He looks into the camera!! What Keun Suk wishes is MJ becomes an energizer.
この頃人気が高まっているMJ! そのまま見ればカメラ意識するように… 視線がカメラ目線なの!! グンソク望むこと/エナジャイザー感じのマネジャーおしゃれな人MJ
요즘 인기가 높아지고 있는 MJ! 가만 보면 카메라 의식하는 듯… 시선이 카메라야!! 근석바라기/에너자이저 느낌있는 매니저 멋쟁이 MJ

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