6 thoughts on “Quote from ONLYSTAR”

  1. yup yup..i bet u do because it is in your nature..stay happy stay healthy..love you jast the way you are..congrats to our <3 princejks .<3 being the number one hallyu star in the world..will always support your dream 🙂

  2. i agree with our Prince~!

    in movies, we can only see a limited side of him, that few moments, 1 or 2 hours, and the movies we see are edited, and Sukkie follows a fixed script.

    am sure in real life, our Prince will shower his girlfriend with more love, and unlimited cuteness! aw…. the lucky girl~!!!

  3. Yes, who is the lucky one! I agree with him. He is person really with passion and also he knows his responsibilities. He braces life with all, good or bad. I hope he will find his special one one day to enjoy the love with her and go through with her. This is from the bottom of my heart because he deserve it.

  4. Yesss this is his nature, he is very atttractive to amost all girls….hahaa include meeee
    See who is the fortunate one…..

  5. I pray for his happiness in his pursuit of his dream to be the World Prince. That special woman may or may not be an actress but she will share his moments of joy and also give him the motivation during difficult times….

    I thot he once said that he will not reveal who his girlfriend is to protect her from the public scrutiny and he wants to be a dad by the age of 33 !!
    The thought of Sukkie as a dad brings smiles to my face and I think that he will definitely be a caring and responsible husband and father.


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