[22.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

UPDATE: added another pic

Nakata-san (Japanese soccer player, Hidetoshi Nakata) surprisingly visited the shooting site in Korea! It was a big surprise!
대애애애애박!!! 나한테 아무 얘기없이 서프라이즈로 광고촬영장에 와 주신 나카타상~~ 완전 깜놀크리!!!サプライズで韓国の撮影現場まで来た!中田さん。びっくりした!

The photo below was shot when they first met on Oct. 6, 2011.

This is from a photographer, Leslie Kee’s twitter.
@AsiaPrince_JKS Surprise! This is ASIA !★Our Two Sexiest Man ever★Hidetoshi Nakata meets Jang Keun Suk by Leslie Kee★

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  1. A very Happy prince JKS indeed with a friend dropping by to say hello! I’m so proud of you! Stay popular always! Sweet smile!

  2. Yup yup..our Princejks looks delighted and I’m so happy for him..God is great! For all Princejks had done for us..he truely deserve the attentions from all over the world..cheers our Princejks..we love u always <3

  3. Oh wow I didn’t know they knew each other!! I love Nakata too!! I feel so proud and honored that Nakata would visit Suk on location!! Just a sign of Suk’s popularity and influence in Japan!! Wooottt!!!


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