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  1. I KNOW!!! It’s amazing, I wouldn’t be able to show such a devotion, it makes me happy for JGS that he got so much support while filming the flop that was MSOAN, it was probably a hard time for him.

    Just a question though, I get that they paid for JGS (and his family)’s gift, but did they pay for the goodies bag (they looked awesome btw)too?? If so I’m really impressed.

    PS: *makes mental note to stop by Jamsil Lotte* I’m so getting that YAB calendar lol

    • For me, MSOAN was not a flop. It was a godsend. I was flat out on my back in excruciating pain and it was the only thing that kept me from going insane. The crazy plot kept my mind going and MG and MR became my best friends as I spent the entire Christmas holiday alone with them. It may not have scored in ratings, but it was the one thing that I could focus on and literally saved me. MSOAN will always have a special place in my heart.

      • What you wrote was beautiful!!! I admire such devotion, I feel exactly the same way about YAB…

        I enjoyed MSOAN immensely while it aired, I waited for each episode with great anticipation, I was literally going crazy -I tried to watch the episodes BEFORE reading Ockoala’s recap but I just couldn’t wait) but the “trip to the mountain” episode killed the show for me, I finished the show and enjoyed episode 16 (which was very good) but at the end of the day, they ruined something that could have been so huge, wasted so much time on futility yet MG and his mother never got conclusion.

        The GeunGeun had everything, the second leads were endearing and they wasted all this… To this day I still watch my YAB’s DVDs but I just can’t get myself to relive MSOAN. I’d rather read fanfictions, I’m sure there are way better.

      • Plot wise maybe MSOAN did not deliver but among all the K-drama that I watched it is the most enjoyable for me so like you it will have a very special place in my heart. And though this drama I’m going to own my very first K-drama DVD. I am sooo going to buy it when it comes out. And also, through this drama MGY gained another fan which is myself.

      • hi jellybeanie,

        first, i hope u are feeling much better now ^^

        to me, sure, MSOAN is not the most exciting K-drama ever (for me, Hong Gil Dong wins that title), but it isn’t the worst K-drama too. There were funny moments, there were touching moments, and I’d devour every single scene that JKS appeared in.

        any K-drama follower would have known the tide of criticisms against MSOAN. In the eyes of the general public, other K-drama fans and the drama industry, MSOAN is seen as a flop. I don’t like that term, and specifically, I don’t like that term being applied to a drama that JKS has acted in.

        For an actor of JKS’ calibre (and as a JKS fan), I want JKS to gain more recognition for his superb acting, something which MSOAN has not done for him.

        I love MSOAN because it has JKS in it and he looks so handsome, but I’ll remember it always as the drama that did not do JKS justice.

        Nevertheless, I’m still glad that the drama still had its use, particularly to a small group of us who were accepting of the drama’s flaws (for whatever reason), and glad that it did wonders for you!

      • Hi Aphrael,

        Thank you for your well wishes. I had surgery a few weeks ago. After 2 months of not being able to do anything but lay flat, I am off painkillers and up and moving and getting my life back 🙂

        I expect that MSOAN will end up being a sleeper classic, especially internationally. For me, the quality of the acting goes beyond the script, seeing how people have been moved on such an emotionally deep level despite the crazy plot is amazing.

    • I’m not part of their fanclub or operations, but I get the idea that KSC paid for the goodies bags too. They bought all those boxes of snacks in China and brought them to Seoul. Then all that they did was to put a variety of different snacks into each goodie bag and package them nicely. It’s a mountain of work. I’m definitely impressed. I mean, I suppose KSC has a lot of eels who contributed towards the fund, but it’s really great… Unity is power …

      I think when you get to Jamsil Lotte, you’ll be getting more than the YAB calendar. There’s a whole counter of JKS products there!! I’ll love to get one of each kind…haha…

  2. to KSC… its an awesome story.. can be more envy than you guys..

    to aphrael: totally agree with you,.. same thought there.. hehehe..
    thanks for posting this..

  3. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chi!!! How r u?What r u doing?Are u tired?Don’t work hard too much(Unjinjanghada)naka.Please take care yourself for your fans.Chongmun kurivonhada&saranghaeyo,Hansang conkanghasaeyo,Anyonghisumusaeyo,Anyonghikeichibchio,Chaika,Saranghaeyo,love u jub jub.Please remember I’ll wait for your cri show at tae-kuk nara on songkran’s festival,come back to show for your fans again(Yaksukhada)naka.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)


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