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@ minzzangde
In order to promote poor Heungro GM, I printed out their characters. However, only his ink bled. This has happened on him… Heungro GM, I’m sorry! Haha
불쌍한 흥실장님을 홍보하기 위해서 캐릭터를 프린트했다. 그런데, 흥실장님 캐릭터만 잉크가 번졌다. 무슨 이런 경우가… 흥실장님 미안요! ㅋㅋ

It’s about LAWSON original campaign (Mother’s day campaign)- After shooting the cover photo of Lounge-H album, Guen-chan sat up straight in a chair and wrote the message thinking what to write. I think he did pretty well 🙂
*Message : I love you, mom!
로손 오리지널 캠페인의 이야기- Lounge-H 앨범 자켓 사진 촬영 후 근짱이 탁자에 정갈하게 앉아 문장을 고민하며 글씨를 써주었다 생각만큼 예쁘게 나왔네 : )

Another message for Mother’s day (I’m sorry I took the photo). Guen-chan tried hard to write it… It looks he changed the spacing and angle a little bit. Placement? Layout? They’re important… Calligraphy! wwwww
*Message : I wish you be always well.
어머니날 메세지의 다른 문장 (이미지를 빌렸습니다- 죄송해요) 근짱이 열심히 적어준 글씨… 간격과 각도를 조금씩 바꾼 것 같다 배열? 배치? 중요하구나… 명필이 되었다!!! wwwww

The cover photo of TOWER RECORDS magazine will be a poster and set on the wall. However, just used for the decoration (not for sale) 🙂 But it might be possible to give it as a present by lot. Do you note TOWER RECORDS?
Tower Record 잡지의 표지는 포스터로 만들어져 점내 부착 예정! 다만, 보는 용도로만 사용됩니다 : ) 추첨하여 증정하는 기회도 있으니 타워레코드를 주목하는 것도?

@ cherry2196

@ cherry2196
ARIGATO (Thank you).

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Working man, Heungro
일하는 남자, 흥부

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  1. Kyaa….all his managers are so funny and goofy like their boss, and handsome, too. I wish I can visit Japan and WPS. Dreaming someday….

  2. wow.. Sukkie appears even in the school text book in Japan… I read in BaiduSukbar (China) last time one eel showing Sukkie’s article as a reading comprehension article in English exam in China.. I remember the Chinese eel jokingly said the teacher who set the paper may be eel fan too and any students who are eels can comprehend the article very easily! LOL!

  3. oh, that‘s a textbook?! cool!

    found the tweet about the mother‘s day message a bit funny. i have a feeling he took some time to think of what to write and ended up just writing I LOVE YOU, MOM. says a lot,i know but… 🙂


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