[16.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Finally the president of Frau purchased 10 items of my clip today!!! I really appreciate it!! Please help those who are in need T_T
드디어 오늘 프라우 사장님께서 친히 10개 구매해주셨습니다!!! 감사합니다!! 어려운 이웃을 도와주세요ㅠㅠ

Thank you very much. Thank you^^
잘 받았습니다. 감사합니다^^

6 thoughts on “[16.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. Kaori chan.. I can’t help laughing over the remarks “please help those who are in need”!!! naughty Sukkie as he is teasing so hard! If the clip has Sukkie along with his manager, may be it will sell well too!

    • QQ you mean he’s joking? Hahaha I thought they were for charity or smthg :p
      Who or what is Frau anyway?

      And what is that that MJ received?

      • wellesleyQ,
        Frau is the entertainment agency in Japan which worked closely with Tree-J (Sukkie’s company). Sukkie is teasing his manager (the picture on the Clip) that this item can’t sell well in WPS (World Prince Shop) in Japan… yes.. this is the clip which MJ received as I guess Sukkie might have bought it and give away to his staff… LOL!

      • hahahahah thanks for putting it in perspective for me!! that’s really funny now!! Suk is such a naughty boy!! but so funny that they make clips for his managers.. that’s Gun-sama on the clip right, not MJ?

        and i also finally understand MJ’s =_= tweet to say “thank you” for the “gift”.. hahahahha. these boys are so cute!! really gotta give it to them

      • wellesleyQ
        you saw the latest twitter message posted here? (see the link below).. the manager on the clip is Heungro.. Sukkie again teased his manager with printout of his 3 managers.. he mentioned even the ink faded out in his hair color from the printout and FYI, Heungro is shown in the last picture from the link below ^_^ enjoy the playful boss with his 3 managers! LOL!


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