3 thoughts on “[Video] “Sad Romance between Jun and Hana” BTS”

  1. Jun’s drunken scene is my fav sad scene so far. Try as he might to want to stay away from Hana but he just couldn’t control his emotions and hugged her (I super love how he hugs her …. so tender, in fact, I love ALL the huggy scenes !). Totally broke my heart when he had to force himself to say he felt nothing …. Yoona did great in this scene too !

  2. Oh, poor Yoona, seems like she had to keep re-shooting that hugging scene over and over with JKS…
    Guess it was worth it for the big smile in the end… they must have done it until they got it right. LOL

  3. i wonder what sukkie said to make everybody laugh near the end of the vid
    ahh… tomorrow is MONDAY, hope these next eps won’t be so sad like the previous ones


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