[Notice] Please refrain from coming to the set of Love Rain

Credits: princejks.com

This is Tree-J Company.
As the drama, Love Rain is coming to an end, we would like to make an important announcement.

These days, a lot of fans are coming to the set of JKS’s drama. JKS has to concentrate on his acting in order to play his role well. JKS is trying his best to bring out his inner emotions of the character he plays.

To help him focus on his acting, please refrain yourselves from coming to the set of the drama. It is also very dangerous for you as well as JKS, if you approach his car when he is leaving the set.

Cri-J Eels!
We appreciate your cooperation by not coming to the set of his drama. Please let JKS shine through his work.


3 thoughts on “[Notice] Please refrain from coming to the set of Love Rain”

  1. Oh NO!!! Does it mean that Seo Joon is going to have more hard times ahead that Keun Suk have to focus on getting more angsty emotions right? I really can’t take any more of his sad, longing and loving eyes welling up with tears.

    • Hi! We will just console ourselves that this is for the many acting awards for Sukkie, and this is how to vindicate of the low rating, so they will polish more the quality of the last 6 episodes.

  2. I suppose some fans (I hope not loyal eels) caused some troubles on the set… So Tree-J asked them not to visit, but to support in a different way.


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