16 thoughts on “[MV] “Crazy Crazy Crazy” (full-version)”

  1. Nothing compares with a wake up call song like this one and his beautiful smile…
    Soooooooooooo Crazy, Nuts about U Sukkie….!!
    I want this MV how can I get it for mp4?

  2. I’ve haven’t been watching a lot of MVs, so not sure what kind of style this MV is in. still, it has that wow factor and is amazing… just that I still feel it’s a bit spooky in the beginning and in the ending scene when he’s got such a strange smile on his face!

    • You mean you can’t see Dailymotion? Please try to access YouTube. See the link in the comment above.

  3. *UPDATE (June 3rd): our secret channel’s password has changed in June!!! Below is a new password.
    I upload the video on YouTube as a private mode.
    To watch them, you have to login with the account below.
    ID: jkseelsbond / PWD: princeofasia
    Then, click the link above. Enjoy!!!!


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