[29.04.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

English translation & summary: sa_sha26
*I altered some translations a little bit.

*Summary about what happened to him and made him tweet storm today:
He met an accident approximately around 5am in the morning, while rushing to Seoul for Love Rain filming. The front wheel of the car was damaged badly. If not because of the railing, the car might have been fallen off the cliff. But luckily, the person who was driving (MJ) managed to stop the car. The accident happen because of tiredness, his managers didn’t have any sleep and worked overtime together with Actor Jang. He wasn’t injured badly, but he’s in pain due to the wounds. But he still continued Love Rain filming after that, of course after a simple medical check up. He thought the serious consequence for not going to the filming set, so he chose to continue the filming today. The team were worried if Actor Jang would stop the filming because of tiring schedule and now the accident.

2012.04.29 13:27
Asia Prince only lives twice.. What a pity, Do-S (Super S). But who am i and where is this…? -_-
아시아프린스 두 번 산다 がわいそうなドエス 근데..난 누군가 또 여긴 어딘가.. オレはだれか?ごこはど_こか?-_-

2012.04.29 13:36
Well, I can only live on by eating.. Hungry -_- I can’t help being hungry! lol.
그 와중에 먹고 살겠다며.. 배고파-_- おなかすいたことはしょがない!笑

2012.04.29 14:12
MJ’s brighter days..
MJ 의 밝았던 시절..

2012.04.29 14:41
Such a bright/happy person…
참 밝은 사람이었는데…

2012.04.29 15:16
MJ is shringking to nothing. It’s okay brother.. You know, we have insurance………………………. Ah….. We have a loan, too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
한없이 작아진 MJ. 괜찮아 형..우리에겐 보험이있잖아………………………………..아……..할증도 있구나 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2012.04.29 15:29
Stop shrinking..brother… Lifetime contract is not always bad.. ^^^^^^^^^
그만 작아져..형….. 종신계약이 나쁜것만은 아니자나..^^^^^^^^^

2012.04.29 15:37
MJ with friends..
친구가 생긴 MJ..

2012.04.29 15:42
MJ that is giving me energy drink.
피로회복제 건네주는 MJ

2012.04.29 15:51
There was a time, when MJ slept in front of me..
한 때 내 앞에서 잘도 자던 MJ..

2012.04.29 16:03
Now you can’t go back to the past, MJ..
이제는 돌아갈 수 없는 과거의 MJ..

2012.04.29 16:21
MJ was eager to block UV..
자외선까지 차단하며 열심이던 MJ..

2012.04.29 16:28
Do S is going to hospital
병원가는 ドーS ㅠㅠ

2012.04.29 16:31
You’re in love/flirting ? M….J…….
혹시 연애질중인가…M….J……….

2012.04.29 16:38
Gun-chan who is complaining about the pain.
고통을 호소하는 근짱~~~

11 thoughts on “[29.04.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Was really worried when i saw his tweets and the translation that he really met with a car accident. Was even more scared when i read that if not for the railings, they would have fallen down the cliff. It was really scary.

    I think the lack of sleep is really a big problem and perhaps he should just employ a driver to drive them. All of them are so tired and driving at midnight is very dangerous.

    He is a very sweet person. He tweeted so many pics of MJ and teases MJ just to make sure eels do not blame him. I think no one wanted accidents to happen, but i do hope that the person driving got to be very alert when driving. There are too many accidents that happen to idols because their managers dozed off while driving.

    I hope that he can go for a more thorough checkup soon.

    • Mindy.. sorry I can’t help smiling though earlier we were worried about his accident.. reason is the series of tweets from Sukkie to calm his eels as well as to calm his manager ^_^ Isn’t Sukkie a great & considerate boss for his managers.. he really is teasing his manager MJ from the messages from his tweets to make him feel better and at the same time re-assure his eels and indirectly telling them not to blame MJ for the incident… I agree that Sukkie should get a dedicated driver as most of his managers work like him with his hectic schedule…. I want to tease Sukkie that his body can somehow take that as he is much younger than all his managers ^_^ 2-3 hours of sleep per day is killing for all his elder “brothers”!

  2. Really glad that he only had minor injuries. God will take extra care for those who has good heart. Pray for your safety and speedy recovery, my Prince.
    I am thankful to all those that contribute here. I feel all the loves and support for our Prince. I have visiting this site for a year. All the posts and comments made me happy. Continue all the good works.

  3. Why are these tv stations so blood sucking? Is it absolutely necessary to drive all the actors to work non-stop, around the clock and at break neck speeds just so as to save costs? Its’ totally inhuman. Kuen Suk do take care of your health and safety, there is a long road ahead of you and many many talents which you have yet to fully showcase and realise. Have a wonderful, long life!

  4. Yups fully agree that Sukkie needs to get a professional driver to drive them around in their busy/tight schedule. Life is so precious aspecially Sukkie’s life .

  5. Thank God it was a minor accident and everyone was not seriously hurt.
    But my heart goes out to Sukkie and his managers and all the production staff who have to work so hard ( sacrfificing their sleep etc) to produce such a wonderful drama.

    I agree with QQeyes that Sukkie is such a caring boss to his managers as he tweeted to assure his eels that he is ok from the accident.

    Today is Monday again and we are all waiting for another episode of Love Rain !

  6. Oh my goodness! Thank you, Lord that it was just a minor accident… But still… I was busy the whole day yesterday that i didn’t get to see this…

    This is what i do not like about Korean entertainment… actors are really suffering when they do drama…

  7. Scary. God is certainly with Geun Suk and his managers. Coincidentally, before I went to sleep at about 2.30 am on Sunday morning, somehow for the lst time, pray for God”s protection for our Prince – in any case, thank you Lord for protecting them from disaster.

    I am sure our prince will take care of himself and recover speedily. Hope his managers speedy recovery too and take care of themselves in order to take care of our prince.

  8. It was a close escape..whatever it is..our princejks please get proper rest..your health and safety is our first priority.. Please don’t go on living like this..It was so heart breaking..if you are hurt we felt the pain too..please know this our princejks..we will support you wholehearted..allows uS to love you in happiness not in heartache ..do seriously take care of yourself 😉

  9. i probably have said this, but i am really thankful Sukkie and his managers and staff are safe!

    Even though i was physically n Seoul the past few days, breathing the same air as Sukkie, yet given the limited wifi access, i felt so out of touched with his news, and really thankful for JKSforever blog, where i can catch up on all the news, translations, pictures, videos etc i have missed!

    When i read this series of tweets, i can’t help but smile – Sukkie is such a thoughtful and comforting boss, not only he does not blame his managers for the situation, but turn around to assure and comfort them….what great boss to work with!! And by tweeting, incorporating some sense of humor…that gives assurance to his EELS too! 🙂


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