[Music] Some tracks of “Love Rain” OST were unveiled

UPDATE: April 26
Credits: withsosiz9dot4

Some instrumental were unveiled on YouTube. Can’t wait to get this OST!
1. Shiny Love
2. Love Rain / Jang Keun Suk
3. Because It’s You / Tiffany (SNSD)
4. Love Is Like Rain / Na Yoon Kwon
5. Constantly / Yozoh
6. The Girl And I / S. Jin
7. Love Rain -Piano Ver.-
8. Constantly -Guitar Ver.-
9. Song Of Rain
10. The Girl And I -String Ver.-
11. Song For Telling You How I Feel 2
12. You That Resemble Rain

*About other tracks, you can search them by “Love Rain” OST.

7 thoughts on “[Music] Some tracks of “Love Rain” OST were unveiled”

  1. love the instrumental tracks….the first track is great!!! The moment I hear it I picture In-Ha…kkkk

    but from an eel’s pt of view…my first track would be..hearing him say -Hana Dul Saet …followed by Chang Mo’s solo, kkkkk

  2. And….I was hoping to hear Ce Lest Vie in the ost…love the 70s feel…am bit surprised they didn’t include Seo In Guk in singing for the ost….

    Hoping for Special Package ost -like maybe 2cds, haha…

    A dreaming eel…

    • Me too! maybe like a special edition, keke.. i really want to hear Seo In Guk singing that old song that played in the beginning.. and the live version of Love Rain..

  3. Thank you, Tenshi..I love the instrumental OSTs..they take you back to scenes of the drama, and bring the emotions at hand…And yes, I agree with Bibian. I like to hear the Love Rain performance version of Ce’st La Vie.Maybe there will be additional CDs to come…xoxo

  4. I want to hear more songs from Sukkie and I also want to hear C’est la Vie’s songs. Hope they will have that in the second soundtrack.


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