6 thoughts on “[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” in 2012”

  1. seems like a very romantic kiss there. what with him cupping her face with both hands like that, there‘s no way of escaping from that kiss! can‘t wait for monday‘s episode.

    on the other hand, i somehow find it a bit funny that they close their eyes before their lips even touch (pic #4). not discounting the fact that it looks really romantic onscreen, but it actually happens the other way around – the eyes close once the lips touch. i don‘t know, it just happens that way. it‘s not deliberately done. i guess the eyes naturally close to savor the kiss and feel the emotions within. just saying… 🙂

    • I get your point, LOL. From that pic, we can’t see whether seo jun also closed his eyes, as his hair covered them. Maybe hana was inexperienced in kissing, thus she closed her eyes, or maybe she’s too nervous when the most handsome man in seoul was going to kiss her? I read somewhere yoona told the media that her kiss scene with seo jun would be a hot one. Let’s cross our fingera that it’s really hot. I wanna see the sexiest and wildest side of JKS


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