Singapore FM Update 1

The local organiser Colored Rhythms is releasing bits and pieces of tantalizing news via its Facebook page (as below). They announced today that there will be online ticketing, which makes it so much easier for overseas fans to purchase tickets. Anyone tempted by this to come to Singapore? In addition, the seating will be numbered, which means no more queueing for long hours before the event starts in order to get the best possible seat.

Of course, concerns were raised to Colored Rhythms about the capacity of the website to support the expected high online traffic. Heard that the ticketing website “Gatecrash” used for CN Blue’s sale of showcase tickets crashed the moment online sale opened and created numerous ticketing problems without any telephone support or service from the ticketing service provider (it must be related to their unlucky-sounding name). Colored Rhythms assured fans that they are not using Gatecrash and have taken note of the concern. In fact, Colored Rhythms is being so responsive to queries that I wonder how they have time to work.

JKS’ fan-meeting tickets have historically (almost?) always sold out on the first day of sales, and usually within the first few hours. As much as the online ticketing website will bring convenience to all, as a selfish eel I worry that as a result, all the tickets will be gone even faster, because already Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese and countless other eels have expressed keen interest to buy the tickets. I’m praying hard … …. So please, if you are not a serious buyer, please do not visit the ticketing website on the 1st day of sale just out of curiosity. It could mean a dashed hope for someone else….

Photos of the venue, University Cultural Centre Hall, are also released. It’s located in National University of Singapore, ah ha, my alma mater, but I’ve not been back since I graduated donkey years ago. It’s a beautiful hall, and I already visualize that the whole fan-meeting will be a complete enjoyment…. The only comment I have is that the stage looks very plain.

So if you all want to know the latest updates, check out the websites below!!/ColoredRhythmsEvents?closeTheater=1

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      • Been to the University Cultural Centre Hall, nice cosy place with comfy seats – would be a great place to meet Jang Geun Suk up close. My alma mater too – long, long, time ago, sigh.

        Would Ivy/Aphrael like to gather us fans to attend together? Wish to go see what our blue eyed boy is really like in person but too self-conscious to attend alone and don’t really know how to position myself amongst all the pretty, YOUNG things. Also have never had the interest or impetus to attend any fan meetings or pop concerts – JGS being the first, which just goes to show how adorable and charismatic is his personality and how moving and intense is his acting.

      • staying up late,

        Cool!!! Do u want to go together? I’m fine with organising.
        erm, I’ve had some experience in attending fan events as JKS is not my first idol …
        so if you’re not a regular fan (of anyone), it may feel strange at first, but i think seeing JKS is worth anything, especially as he’s in S’pore.
        Simply cannot miss it! I’m planning to go to his Malaysia FM too, if I can manage to get a ticket.

        frankly speaking, i feel conspicuous amongst all the “pretty young things” (hate them, haha~)
        but JKS does have fans from all ages, so probably we wouldn’t stand out so much 🙂
        and yup, nice venue but looking at the seating, it’s going to be hard to use a videocam surreptitiously without being spotted… should I still sneak one in? sigh ….

        Will put up an organising post once ticketing details are out.
        For those interested in going together, please look out for the post and I’ll give a deadline for funds transfer.
        I want to buy tickets together (due to numbered seating) the minute sales open, so depending on the time frame given, we may need to act fast.
        Shouldn’t be any problem in terms of your money’s security, cos my account would have my personal details, it would be a means of tracking.

        i want to be there at the airport to greet him too.
        haha, will even follow him to the hotel (and other places), but there are some logistical problems including, I wouldn’t know in advance where his hotel is!
        haha, I want to “imitate” the Chinese eels… how in the world are they so up-to-date with their knowledge?
        And u know the airport, without pre-arranged transport (i.e. I don’t n can’t drive), it’s going to be hard to follow JKS… and expensive ….

        Looking at the turnout for his last S’pore FM, I know JKS should have quite a long line of Singapore fans but I cannot even find a “Singapore” fanclub/group online.
        I’ve almost despaired of getting to know other fans here until I came across a few online… sigh ….
        it’s depressing – even our dear neighbour Malaysia has a fanclub presence online, and they are united in showing their support for JKS as a fanclub representing their country.
        I’ve wanted to do something a bit more for JKS in terms of being part of group projects etc, but there are simply none here.

        Just to vent my feelings…. Chinese eels are already planning a group project for their Shanghai FM, as a way to show their unity and support for JKS.
        Malaysia eels are planning something too. So where are the S’pore fans???

  1. Only 1300??? Just pray that 90% flock to JYJ and all eels are able to attend JGS SG FM so no eel will be left out, be it local or international.

  2. aphrael77,

    I intend to drive to airport to greet him if I can get his flight detail, I am staying west area, if you like to go, I can drive you over. Still has two more sits, welcome fans join.

    • oh cool… do you intend to follow him from the airport to the hotel?
      I have one friend who’ll be with me at the airport too (she’s a very nice girl 🙂 ); we wish to follow him to the hotel but are still thinking out the logistics.
      just that by the time you get to your car in the carpark, he’ll be zooming off in his car already and we won’t be able to catch up …

      that means on 22 Apr before I leave for the airport, I’ll also remember to blog his estimated flight arrival time for the benefit of S’pore fans.
      I’m hoping that Sukbar will update JKS’ flight departure so that I can work out his arrival time in S’pore.

      we shall see how it goes, but if your offer is still valid, thanks and I’ll gladly take it up 🙂

  3. Yes, I am also thinking to follow him to hotel too, but if we greet him in airport, may miss his car, let’s think about how to make it works. Anyway, very happy being Singaporean, to greet him soon.

  4. Ivy/Aphrael,

    Will look out for your JGS Fan Meeting Organising Post!

    There are more than a couple of like minded, young at heart JGS fans over at A Koala’s Playground. Would you like to drop a note there about your organising the FM and gather everyone together? They seem like really nice and intelligent people and it would be fun.

    Also read here that some of you are planning to meet JGS at the airport and follow him around. A word of caution though, please exercise restrain and try NOT TO STALK him. While he may be VERY popular and should be used to fans following him around, I still think it must be scary to see the same fans everywhere, all the time, at every corner and watching his every single move. Its like he could never get off work! Do give him some freedom, space and privacy to enjoy a little about Singapore without always having to look over his shoulder and worrying about who may be there watching. Hope that he will feel respect as every individual deserves and find the trip a pleasant and rewarding one. Trust you guys will know how to treat him as a fellow human being and positive notes will always come to mind when he thinks of us.

    • Hi staying up late,

      I know there are several nice JKS fans at A Koala’s Playground (AKP), but I always feel bad about advertising my blog at AKP… i get a feeling i’m just making use of the traffic on her popular site…maybe i’m being over-sensitive..

      Also, regarding the FM Organizing Post, I’ll definitely put it up but I’ll limit the number to 5 people.
      Firstly, many will be buying their ticket themselves through the website, so I don’t foresee a lot who wants to buy through me.
      Secondly, I think our purpose is to meet up together on the day (I’ll distribute the ticket before the day), get to know one another and basically just being together that day. So I want to keep it to a small, cosy group.

      Thanks for your note about not stalking him. I cannot vouchsafe for the actions of other fans, though i do hope our love for him means that we’ll not want to invade his privacy where we are NOT wanted… but for further clarification, does your definition of stalking include following him from place to place as he does his promotional rounds in the daytime, or is it only restricted to not following him after he goes back to the hotel at the end of a work day to rest?

      Did you see the East Coast fan video when JKS came to S’pore last year? On his last day, he went to East Coast Park and spent about 15 mins looking at the sea. There was a group of fans trailing him, but while he was soaking in the sun and sea, all of them stood a distance away under the trees and just watched/filmed him. None of the fans tried to go up to him to bother him, ask for autograph etc.. And I read from a fan who was there, that she didn’t want to intrude on his personal space…

      My point is… sometimes it’s hard to draw the line…

      • Ivy,

        Yes, I saw the video when JGS was at the East Coast Park and the Fans were quite restrained, keeping a fair distance. Still he couldn’t just be himself can he? Knowing that a big group of people behind his back is filming/photographing him and zooming in on all the close up details of him.

        When he is doing his promotional tours or attending meetings etc as per scheduled, I would consider that as work. Then its great to have fans around, that’s a must of course! But when he wants to go for a night out, sample some of our local food or simply walk our streets, then some unwatched, isolated freedom would certainly give much more enjoyment and leave fond memories. Who knows, maybe he would then feel so relaxed and comfortable that he may bring GIRLFRIEND (Yes! It must be Maeri!) along for private holidays here next time!

        Also please be careful trailing him from the airport. Don’t drive up a racket and break all speed limits. Is okay if you lose him. Afterall, having done all your home work you can always go straight to his next scheduled destination at which he will surely resurface. Do take care of yourselves and not be too caught up in the frenzy, understandably it must be exhilarating to see him.

  5. Hi! I envy you guys for you are from Singapore who know the place to well. I haven’t been to Singapore but I am planning to schedule my vacation on the dates that he will be there. At least now I know it will be in the University of Singapore. Thank you so much for the info! I can plan ahead at least how to get there. 😀 The only problem now is getting a ticket. I am really praying that I could also buy one on line. Hoping to hear more details from you. I hope you don’t mind my reading your posts. thank you again.

    • well, finally he’s coming to us on our homeground, so those here have the logistical advantage.
      getting around in Singapore isn’t too hard. at most, you can take a cab from Clementi MRT station.

      we’re all waiting with bated breath for more details!!

  6. Aphrael,
    I am not good at internet, spend a lot of time to try search fellow singaproean eels, when I follow the google link to your website, I immediatedly love your webpage, love the place saw many fellow Singaporean eels. That’s why I am willing to offer the transport to you, put my car in good use, as token of appreciation you set up so nice website within such short period. And I really love to greet him in the airport, as a warm welcome from Singaporean fan. I intend to seek my husband’s help, so we can greet him in airport then follow him to hotel, after that we just chat and wait him in distance.
    My poor husband has put up with me, to listen how much I love JKS since I bought the first DVD YAB in Dec 2010, at least now I get to know you, I won’t bother him to listen how much I love another guy. For this reason, he may willing to be our driver that day.
    Thank you, my fellow Singaporean.

    • hi Rongling,

      you’re putting a lot of trust, to offer a ride in your car to a stranger you’ve not met.
      (and so am I, for wanting to accept a ride from someone I’ve not met! haha 🙂 )

      for that, i really thank u for your offer.

      when the date of the S’pore FM draws nearer, we can discuss it a bit more in detail.

  7. Ha, ha, Singaore is the most safe place in the world, and your friend will be with you. But my car is just normal Japanese car, finally can meet him in person. Count the days…..


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