JKS’ 1st Album “Just Crazy” freebies were revealed


Those who order JKS’ 1st Album “Just Crazy” at record shops below, you can get a special sticker. Each shop has different designs. And you can also get a special poster. The designs of the posters are different
between “the first shipping limited edition” and “the ordinary version”. But they haven’t been revealed yet.



8 thoughts on “JKS’ 1st Album “Just Crazy” freebies were revealed”

  1. Thanks Kaori, would like to check how pre-order from the shop works? So i go to the shop, place the order with them and it will get delivered when it is released (i assumed to a Japan home address), or need to go down to the shop to collect when it is released?

    • Hazy, I think the latter is the case. Before I’ve ordered most his works on the internet, but I found that there’re cases that we can get more gifts at record shops. When QQ visited Japan, we went together at Tower Records @ Shibuya. On the CD, the sticker was put and said “You can get a freebie LH poster”.

      • thanks Tenshi 🙂 i plan to visit tower records @ Shibuya since i will be staying in Shibuya anyway 🙂 i hope to meet up with you too, if you are free, and will arrange with you via ECI 🙂

  2. Is it possible to order it from PonyCanyon or HMV Japan to have it delivered overseas like the the first Let Me Cry album? Like to get the special limited edition of Keun Suk’s first full album, please advise. Thanks!

    • FC provides only the ordinary version (without DVD). About FC version, the jacket (booklet) is different. The design hasn’t been revealed yet though. I heard it’s like a poster. And a different design of trading cards and the original photo is attached.


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