What does Hana’s cute ringtone say?


Hana’s cute ringtone scenes from LoveRain Ep.5. You can enjoy Korean script with English translation.

Pyororong~ The phone rang~ 5,6,7, Pick up! Pick up! Pick up! Pick up! If you won’t pick up the phone, I wouldn’t forgive you! zoockzoockzoockzoock! zoockzoockzoockzoock! Pyororong~ Pyororong~ Why not answer? (repeat)


12 thoughts on “What does Hana’s cute ringtone say?”

  1. indeed it’s very cute!
    i think this ringtone could also become a big hit like smstone munjawasong (secret garden)
    i want this mp3! but i don’t know the title, so i can’t search it..

  2. I love this ringtone! I have it set on my phone and love it! Very cute and awesome! Loved the show so this shows a bit of my obsession for it. But I agree…definitely brings a smile to my face when I hear it.


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