3 thoughts on “[05.04.2012] @MyloveKBS twitter”

  1. Yoon He n Seo In Ha -> apart because of the train….
    Ha Na n Seo Jun -> first met in the train….

    This time, what colour will PD Yoon bring?

    last time, important thing were all yellow… (yellow diary, yellow umbrella, yoonhe’s yellow windows, yellow bus stop, yoonhe’s yellow shirt, etc)

  2. Yes, I felt that there were a lot of bookends throughout the first 4 episodes as well… but I think the color might be Blue. Not sure yet only seen a little bit.

    But I did love the first meeting scene. It was so lovely the way the bump into each other and her face is barely discernible yet when he sees her the crowded train platform becomes barren of everyone but those too. Can’t wait to see where they go with this and hope Ep 5 revisits this first meeting.


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