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Good morning on the LR day! So as you eels can see, we never fail to watch LR on time, right? This pic was JKS wrapping bus and Jang Keun Suk^^ Have a nice LR day for all eels ^^
사랑비요일에 아침 인사드립니다. 오늘도 장어분들 사랑비 닥치고 본방사수 아시죠? 사진은 장근석 버스와 장배우랍니다^^ 장어분들 사랑비요일에 좋은 하루 되세요^^

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  1. In Viet Nam, it’s raining..^^..i also love rain..and i am waiting to watch the next chapter…i really like LR drama..^^..Suk’s acting is so great..^^..always support you..

  2. Awwww….if I’m rich, I would fly to Korea every Monday and Tuesday to watch Love Rain.

    Sukkie, I miss your smile. Please be strong and smile through all the pressure and hardship you might face in life. You once said that ” no matter how much hardship I face. I will not forget to smile. As long as I face it with a smile, I can overcome anything”. Love Rain fighting!!!!!!

  3. Its Monday. I will definitely sit infront of the PC, all ready to watch LoveRain tonite.
    Sukkie, please be strong as all the international eels are all behind you and supporting Loverain all the way.

  4. yes, Prince, eels all over the world are waiting impatiently to watch your drama tonight ~~ keep fighting, Keun Suk & Love Rain!!

  5. Do you know if watching on line live boosts the ratings? I live in the UK but watch it on line live and just wonder if it helps.
    I don’t understand much, of course, (doing it just for Keun Suk) and I watch it again later with the subtitles.

      • Thanks guys. I thought it might not affect the ratings.
        To be honest, I don’t understand those Koreans. They seem not to appreciate what they have. But then, they are probably ‘spoiled’ having so many good dramas all year long although not many of them (I think) can compete with Keun Suk’s acting skills and charm.

    • A few days ago, I saw a current affairs programme on Arirang TV called Insight. They talked about Hallyu (Korean Wave). In the 1990s, some boy groups were getting famous in Asian countries. In the 2000s, k-dramas caused another major Hallyu. Now, K-pop is causing another Korean wave which is going beyond Asia into Americas, Europe and the world. The internet plays a big part in the current Hallyu. The programme provided statistics showing how many hits were recorded for various countries and region in 2011. Relevant authorities recognise that internet is a key tool now in the hallyu and they are monitoring and recording internet usage. So please continue to show our support to Sukkie by watching LR and any websites related to him on the internet. I’m sure someone somewhere is monitoring. We can also help Sukkie by voting for him in various awards such as the upcoming Paeksang. This way, we can get our message across to others that he has a big following. My two cents worth.

  6. LR epi 3 really good, despite my worry about rating, when I was watching it I really immersed with the story and of course keun suk’s acting. Sukkie is a tough guy… I’m sure the quality of this drama will touch everyone hearts eventually. I just hope JKS, PD, scriptwriter, all the casts and the crews don’t give up and continue to make wonderful drama^^

  7. Yes, I was touched by Love Rain. It draws out a memory that I thought I had archieved – similar library and all, similar boy/girl shy shy relationship. It was also someone ending and someone beginning, someone hearts flutter (but too late), someone crowd, someone honest.


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