4 thoughts on “[Pics] New “Seoul Makkori” poster”

  1. Kaori chan.. I want to try this rice wine when I’m in Tokyo next week.. and I also want to bring a few can home to let me family taste it.. I just packed my luggage as I may not have time to pack during weekdays ^_^ so excited to see you next week!!!

    • QQ, I think you can find this easily. But if not, I can help you. Honestly I like drinking (not so much like Sukkie though) and this Seoul Makkori is one of my latest favorites. can’t believe we’ll finally meet next week! can’t wait too!!!

      • Kaori chan.. I like to drink too but casual drinking like you…. I got I feeling I will like Seoul Makkori too and it would be nice if we can drink Makkori for lunch together! I’m getting excited again.. counting down ^_^

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