14 thoughts on “[Pics] “@star1” shooting behind-the-scenes”

  1. lol. I think that white blanket, he used before and put on his head, that was really a cute picture and I always think it looks like a sheep. Sukkie is amazing, no matter he is in the formal picture in the magazine or just a snap shot from BTS, he always look so vivid. I think that’s because in real life he is a person with a good personality and characters. His charms, you just can’t hide them, everything is just so naturally comes out from him but he has so many different style and sides. Unique!

    • wow.. what a chameleon artiste!!! So natural & he looks good in all shots… sometimes boyish and sometimes manly, sometimes like angel & sometimes devilish look.. he can take extreme looks & images.. and agree with you Sarah, because of his natural & good personality in real life.. he can portray many images very naturally ^_^
      Kaori chan, thanks again for sharing these photos…after seeing this.. I really hope to get this magazine too!

  2. i love all pics…
    most favorite pics are cute pics of him covered with blanket…
    it would be lovely if he also bring big pillow…. ^^ i would like to see it ^^

  3. I’m really happy when I see him eat. Cos he said he diets cos that’s what he thinks a Prince shld look like and that’s what he thinks his eels want, and tho to a certain extent I agree with him, but I rather him just be healthy and have time for meals.. Poor darling, he shld really take better care of his health…

  4. Onegai-shimasu ,I love oppa….Doozo..Oppa Jang Keun Suk have friendship ,kindly,cutely,lovely face, Asia prince actor for audience forever…I knew Japanese Language a little for me,,…Gomennasai oppa,I like you..

  5. Awww….. LOVE LOVE LOVE! <3 <3 <3
    Simply love all the pics here! Our dear Prince is so dashing!! 🙂
    And yes he look so cute with that white blanket, i also remember seeing this blanket before. 😛

    But did you gals realised how thick & warm the rest of the staffs and even the photographer are wearing? But our poor Sukkie is just wearing t-shirt & jeans! The poor boy must be feeling soooo cold! Brrr….. 😛


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