[News] JKS will open “princejks.com” website

UPDATE: Text Translation of the video message from Jang Keun Suk about “www.princejks.com”
see above the video.
Credits: sukbar weibo English translation by Sarah Ye

According to Tree-J twitter, JKS’ new website “princejks.com” will open temporarily tomorrow. The details were announced on his present official website (http://www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr/).


JKS new website hasn’t opened yet: March 28

JKS’ official website will be renewed. soon. It is scheduled to open temporarily tomorrow (March 29). The official opening day is April 1st. You can enjoy messages from JKS, his photos, videos and more on the site. Cri-J 2nd-period fan club members can continue your activities there as heretofore. In addition, we plan to recruit his long-awaited 3rd-period fan club members from April. Thank you for your interest to newly-opened JKS website.

1. The new website address: www.princejks.com
2. After signing up as members, you’ll access all the menu (contents). If you don’t, you can access only “ABOUT JKS”. We don’t accept any sign-ups right now. Please wait until further notice.

Credits: PrinceJKS
Official Homepage Open

Text translation of the message:
Hello everyone, I’m Jang Keun Suk. My personal website is about to go public today. is “www.princejks.com”. You will find more information about me from this website. In my opinion, my schedule was not updated very well on the website, I don’t know why. The company is working on that and I hope you will get more new update in the future. By the way, Tree J is recruiting 3rd group of members. I hope more new eels will come join. Please help me and I wand to do it better and better. So, I shall see you on www.princejks.com. See you later!


14 thoughts on “[News] JKS will open “princejks.com” website”

  1. whoa! finally, a website with language settings. it’s just about the right time as his fan base is becoming larger and scattered across continents. i am so happy for him, and truly excited about this new website.

  2. This new eel here is a little lost.. What is 2nd period, 3rd period/group of members? Is it across 3 official websites that he set up or smthg?

    What will happen to our existing membership on co.kr? Can it just be ported over or do we sign up again? Sorry I have so many questions.. =p

    Whatever it is, do count me in! ^^

  3. Onegai-shimasu ,I love oppa….Doozo..Oppa Jang Keun Suk have friendship ,kindly,cutely,lovely face, Asia prince actor for audience forever…I knew Japanese Language a little for me,,…Gomennasai oppa,I like you..Oppa..I love you…try hard oppa..
    I am happy oppa face,oppa voice………..

  4. I’ve been trying to get in the website to apply as a member..still only in korean..don’t want to miss the chance again ;-‘(


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