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  1. Don’t worry, Kaori-chan ^^ arigato !!! Just seeing Keun Suk and listening to him is such a nice moment…I wish that I could help you with some translation, very sorry 🙂

  2. i copy from http://en.korea.com/jangkeunsuk/board/vote-for-jang-keun-suk-male-idol/
    Vote for Jang Keun Suk- male idol
    March 26, 2012 5:08 pm jinni
    The votes have been reset and another round of voting begins for the Male Idol (男偶像) category.

    In the previous round, Jang Keun Suk had the 2nd most votes.

    Let’s get him to the TOP spot this round!

    No account needed. Allowed to cast your vote every 5 minutes. Yes, that’s right– *5 minutes*

    Look in the last row for the simplified characters 张根硕.

    Click the [ 投票 ] button to vote, and then click again in 5 minutes~


    Total votes are automatically updated every time that you vote. There will only be two pop-up messages:

    (This means that your vote was successfully counted.)

    (This means that you just voted and that you can’t vote again within the next 5 minutes.)

    Source: 轻松网

  3. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chii!!!How r u?What r u doing?Are u tired?Chornuen mobchie kurivonhadanan,Umm!! I see your new look hair style at your what app,althought it’s stranger hajiman you archic yaepurda, nottem your’re our prince that have nice smiling,and so smart.Now I try to learn korea language by myself taemun I hope to work with sajangnim that name is JKS,otherwise I’d like to use my end of life there, also please inspire me that I make my dream comes true as soon as possible.Chongmun saranghaeyo,Hansangcongkanghasaeyo,Anyonghisumusaeyo,Anyonghikasaeyo,Chaika love u jub jub sajangnim.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)


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