[News] “Love Rain” official fan community finally opened

UPDATE: iPhone app is available now (March 30)
As we announced before, “Love Rain” official fan community finally opened on March 25.


The site provides us the features below.
1. Real time drama site information
2. Provide undisclosed videos and photos
3. Conversations with actors, producer, writer and staff
4. Vivid behind-the-scenes
5. Conversation with fan of love rain from all over the world
(4 languages provided. Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified)

I think it doesn’t work completely well (I can’t find any “settings” after making the account…), but the site must become helpful for us eels living throughout the world. “Love Rain” will go on air tomorrow (March 26). Let’s support LR all over the world! 🙂


10 thoughts on “[News] “Love Rain” official fan community finally opened”

    • Yes, I think the purpose is the same and the images I saw are completely similar. So it must be the same one. But I heard the android app has many problems. I think this website looks better although they still have problems. I posted the information below. I hope it’ll help you to sign up.

  1. Just for your information. The site doesn’t look to work perfectly. At first, we had trouble signing up. I accessed the site using Chrome. Chrome asked me if you wanted to translate the site into Japanese, so I chose it. But the national code part didn’t worked well, so I changed the site to the original, I mean Korean introduction. Then it worked. We don’t have to register birth date and where we are. They are options. But I failed to upload the image… and now I couldn’t change my information. But other parts look OK 😉


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