[News] JKS becomes ambassador of caffe bene

According to some Korean news, caffe bene decided to renew their contract with Han YeSeul, who lives in U.S. She’s been the ambassador since 2009 and made a success in Korea. Caffe bene is planning to expand their business overseas. So they requested her to take the lead in opening the shop in L.A. They also decided to assign Jang Keun Suk as a new ambassador.




2 thoughts on “[News] JKS becomes ambassador of caffe bene”

  1. Happy to hear my Sukkie will represent caffe bene here in the US! Calling all the Eels in the USA and let us meet our Prince in LA!!!!!! We could not wait to see you My PRINCE!

  2. Jang Geun Suk and lovely Park Shin Hye like to drink coffee. Can they both represent Caffee Benne in LA? They are the Prince and Princess of Asia and both conquer million of fans globally.


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