GIF pics with funny captions

This string of mostly animated gifs, shared by a Sukbar eel, come with some funny captions. The English translation, however, may not be 100% foolproof as the meaning of some Chinese phrases are hard to capture in English, so my apologies if there are some parts not well-translated and if you don’t understand.

Starting from this pic, looking at his face outline causes loss of blood.
[note: I think ‘blood loss’ is associated with nose bleed etc and is used to describe what happens when someone is hot.]

Throwing a glance behind you is enough to seduce me, not to mention another electrifying wink…

What are you drinking? Doesn’t look like wine. MS miracle water? Your skin is so, so good…
这喝的是么呀?~ 不像酒。MS神仙水?皮肤闹木闹木好呢。。

I know you are conducting the frequency of our screams

You look so good despite the big laugh

Our mature man also has a childish side. Little friend, which grade are you in? Are your parents here to fetch you? Do you need Auntie (me) to send you home? Ha!
我们成熟的男人也有孩子气的一面。。小盆友你几年级 了呀?有家长接吗?要不要阿姨送你哇。。

Even sneaking a look is of such a high standard !~

The most charming man in history to make pickled vegetables. Do it well, eels want to eat it together with rice. Quickly, quickly
史上最迷人的做泡菜的男人,好好做,鳗鱼们还要拿来配饭呢。BAI LI BAI LI

The role of a murder suspect does not suit you, but where else can you find such a handsome suspect besides you?

Millions of men in the world, each with their unique character, but how to describe you? You have elegance, you are handsome, you are trendy, you are cute, you are pretty, you are tall, you are even cheerful!~

Wait for us, we will be there immediately. You requested for it, we did not say anything *cough cough*

Can you use that magical finger to move our big eel pool instantaneously to your side?
内个有魔力的手指,,能不能把我们鳗鱼群大面积的瞬移到你面前呀。。QIE BAI

You’re not happy unless it’s revealing, right? Hee hee…

You can make a bestial expression look so handsome, not many in the world can do this. Everyone is afraid of being molested, but everyone here competes to be your victim
禽兽表情做的这么帅的。。世上有几人呀!~世人都怕被侵 犯,到这全都抢着成为受害者。。。。

Come come come, queue behind the computer. I especially reserve the space for you, it’s ok you are not on the first page

In future, your tears can only be permitted to flow during acting. My star, I give my entire happiness to you, so you are not allowed to shed a tear unless it is a crying scene

You try so hard to promote your official website, I feel embarrassed if I do not join. Wait for me to join, I am waiting anxiously for approval of access. Throw more fish bait.

One minute, 3 minutes, one hour, so long as I can see you, you can take your time to stay in bed

I am losing blood at the second pic in this series

Our king when it comes to the waist, completely satisfactory all the way, haha…
WULI滴腰KING。。大满足滴我。。。哈哈。。一路YIN 到底。。

Yuppie Jang, the bottom of your shoe is very clean…

Hey hey boy, what are you doing? Playing such high stakes to the point of no return. Haha…

This this… I’m out of words. Please, can you not tempt me? This easily results in gastric bleeding, thanks for the selfless sacrifice
这个这个,有种无力感。拜托你能不能别这么勾引我成吗!~ 这个真的很容易胃出血,,感谢蛮的无私奉献。

Dry lips, moisten them? Look at how thin y ou are, do eat more meat

This is good, this is good, how did you do that? Nothing is impossible to our King Suk

What’s that? Guitar is in my home. Come come.

The last pic for today, let us enter dreamland with JKS. Haha, bedtime.

Finally, let me put up one more pic! JKS, you know what I want to say, so I save 178 words

I’m alert again, so uploading pics for another 10 minutes

Words saved here

Haha, who is here, who is here

I know you did not wear…. I’m not YY. Really

Credits: 木槿淡然 @ Baidusukbar

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  1. Hi! They are funny. As you did before, I’m also asking what situations can an actor have to get through to keep up the attention of the fans? I DO appreciate these efforts!

  2. 🙂
    (blush)(blush)….super cute oppa…wahhh..cant help but gigle while looking at those gif..funny yet sexy sukkie!!!
    (dies)(dies)….u really where to push buttons oppa!!!


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