[fan-made MV] Jang Keun Suk | 장근석 | Right here waiting for you | FMV

Credit: Imaginarium of Cri

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[2020-02-19] CRI-J twitter

D_100 (100 days to go) until the day we meet you
#JangKeunSuk #the day when we meet you #jks_0529

그대를 만나는 날 D_100
#장근석 #그대를_만나는날 #jks_0529

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[2020-02-14] CRI-J twitter

[2020 Valentine Day Event]
We sent chocolates full of eels’ love and memories to Actor Jang.
We believe that represented eels’ feelings well.
The details will be posted on the official website later.
Eels~ Have a happy Valentine Day!
“D-105 (105 days left until we can meet you)”


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