[2020-07-21] Jang Keun Suk Instagram

UPDATE: added the English translation of the subtitle

English translation: QQeyes007 from ECI

0:09 didnt realise put something on my face to sleep
0:10 shaving down then up always causes bleeding
0:15 brushing teeth in 1 min
0:17 finally seeing blood in early morning
0:25 driving
0:29 face with dinosaur condition (I think refer to swollen face)
0:38 where is trainer?
0:41 both are conscious of the camera
1:04 going different ways
1:06 Hallyu star usual way to work
1:09 going to work separately as manager
1:12 finally meet up with manager
1:16 blessing in July
1:21 working staff mostly greet me too
1:23 so greeting all
1:26 start work
1:41 not clear…
1:47 finish work !
1:49 hungry …
1:52 coming !
2:05 men chose red !
2:08 mix together
2:21 wine …
2:40 aigoo ajussi…
(a Korean slang from middle age man to greet ownself for hardwork)
2:53 lonely hallyu star …
3:02 82 ZARA (Korean slang means quick go to sleep because 82 sounds 빨리 (quick) ZARA sounds 자라 (sleep)

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