[Video] Actor Jang Keun Suk who debuted 29 years ago talks in LATTE EPISODE

Credit: ARENAKOREA TV 아레나옴므플러스
English translation: Zoe from ECI

LATTE EPISODE (Latte is a Korean slang for «back in the day»)

0:10 I didn’t film LATTE – video when I had the photoshoot for the fashion pictorial.

0:21 The interview means that I can show you a video with my voice in it,

0:24 that is the biggest difference, I guess.

0:27 The next generation definitely has to prepare more things.

0:31 It wasn’t like that in my time

The moment I want to go back to

0:33 I don’t want to go back.

0:34 I don’t want to go back at all, however

0:40 I was doing things diligently, worked hard, played hard.

0:47 I don’t regret that time, so

0:50 I just want to keep it in my mind like a beautiful memory.

0:55 In fact, rather than wanting to go back,

0:58 I’m more curious about the road I want to walk on in the future.

The words I say often these days

1:07 What is that?

1:09 Something I say often

1:12 My young friends often say

1:17 “Ah, the filming today really smashes the universe.” (Meaning “It’s amazing”)

Old me and me now

1:22 I think I just ran in the past.

1:29 Actually, I needed some time to rest in between,

1:39 and I definitely needed some time to look back on the road I came from.

1:41 In my younger days my energy welled up wildly.

1:47 I always looked forward, looked at the next day, I learned myself to only run like that.

1:55 So now, as I’ve become an adult, and since I want to become a more mature adult,

2:02 I want to be a person who knows how to rest in between, and also take time to look back on the road I have come from.

The future goals

2:14 To be a little bitt more calm and,

2:18 rather than being safe, I want to experience a lot on my own while

2:25 I just straightforwardly walk the way I have found.

2:28 To not rush so much, I want to return the love and attention many people have given me,

2:41 express that to all of you, have a script of a desired work, and

2:43 just like I was in my twenties

2:48 show you myself walking firmly.

The future me

2:52 What I would say to the future Jang Keun Suk many years from now

2:57 “Don’t come back to today”

2:59 “I wish you to walk strongly in your tomorrow”

3:02 “I will cheer for you”

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  1. Muy lindos pensar y sentimientos Jang, te deseo todo lo mejor en esta nueva etapa de tu vida artistica y personal, que así sea y logres tus propósitos, saludos, cariños dese Li.ima 🇵🇪 Perú 💖 cuidate mucho querido, admirado, apreciado, Sukie.. 👍🕺🤩🎵🎬🎶🤚💖🤗✌️😘


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