[Notice] Request for your cooperation concerning visiting actor Jang’s workplace

Original source: Princejks.com – NOTICE
English translation: Zoe from ECI


It’s TreeJ Company!

I’m sorry for posting the notice that is irrelevant for the great majority of eels.

It has happened recently that people have visited the place where actor Jang is on duty, or waited for him.

There were even more people during big events like the screening of director Jang short movies, and some other events.

I want to say this once again.

The place where actor Jang is on duty is a place where they deal with life and safety, the public access is restricted with strict rules.

Unnecessary visits from fans that are against regulations of that place bring inconvenience for those who work there, and can cause serious disadvantages for actor Jang.

We strongly ask you to not stand on the street or wait near the building with the excuse that you want to see him on his way to work or on his way to home.

We will for sure expose those who go against this, and take measures in order to make impossible for them to take part in any activites, expell them from the fan club, ban them from attending performance venues and so on.

I want to ask you this politely so that actor Jang can spend the rest of the time and finish his alternative service as an ordinary person.

Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “[Notice] Request for your cooperation concerning visiting actor Jang’s workplace”

  1. The fact of the matter is , that JKS is NOT an ordinary person . He is a celebrity . Surely this facility where he is working would expect fans to show up. If they have strict rules about access it is up to them to enforce these rules . It is not JKS’s fault that these fans show up. That’s the nature of fandom culture. TreeJ threatening fans yet again shows a lack of respect .
    ” Dear Eels , Please DO NOT come to JKS’s workplace . It is inappropriate ! If you love JKS , respect his privacy . Thank you . ”
    That’s all that needs to be said . Go ahead TreeJ and take away fan membership and don’t allow entrances to events . Who cares ?? He won’t be appearing anywhere for the next year anyway . You’re just alienating fans . TreeJ forgets that 99% of JKS fans are women of all ages . We don’t respond to empty threats . We respond to respect , honesty and appreciation .

    • Hi Anonymous! We eels are united in our love for Suk, but we have different personalities and ages, and also come from different cultures. This is not the first time TreeJ asks us about this. I think it’s the 3rd time. And this is a serious matter. He is in the military, he has to be an ordinary person while he is serving his country. We don’t want him to be transferred to a little mountain town far from Seoul because of fans who don’t have respect for this. Are you planning to travel to Seoul and wait in front of his workplace? If not, TreeJ’s notice is not relevant to you.

      There are probably fans who don’t care about being expelled from his fan club, but for eels who have been members for many years it means a lot. Suk has showed his appreciation and respect for eels many times, so I hope that all eels will show understanding and respect for him and his culture now when he really needs that.

      • You are missing my point , Zoe .
        What I object to is TreeJ’s threatening tone ! It didn’t work before and it won’t work now . How would they even be able to take away membership and not allow these people entrance to events ?? Are they going to stand out on the street too , and ask for these fans names ?? It’s an empty threat .
        Why should JKS be punished for fans gathering outside his workplace ? As I said before , it’s not his fault . The reality is that it’s almost impossible to control . It’s up to the workplace to enforce their rules about access to the facility.
        You say you want him to be an “ordinary” person in the military . JKS is NOT ordinary . That’s the issue . If he was “ordinary” he would be serving his time out in some small town , as most “ordinary ” people do. You can’t have it all !! Not even JKS .
        You’re right to mention cultural differences . Perhaps I just don’t understand what all the fuss is about. JKS has one more year to go . Hopefully it will go by quickly and fans will leave him alone to do what he has to do in peace .
        Have a good day ! 🙂

      • Hi Zoe ,
        I left out an important sentence which conveys my whole point .
        After I said , ” Perhaps it’s just that I don’t understand the culture . BUT I
        dont believe that threatening people is the answer . Thanks

  2. Dear Anonymous and Zoe, both of you have some point of views are right , but anyway as loyal eels of JKS we are doing everything for the benefits of him , we will just support and love him till the end , and waiting patiently for his healthy and happy return ,! Zikzin dear Prince 👍👏🙏❤️💋😍🥰

  3. Hi dear Anonymous I totally agreed with you ,what JKS eels doing are only showing how much they missed him ! The taking away the membership is a bit too much .I really hope that is not the idea of our Prince They just want to have a glance of him .What happen if he got no more support from his fans !?🙏🙏❤️💋😍🥰🙄🙄

    • Hi Teresa , 😊
      You make a very good point !! Yes , what would happen if there was no interest or support ?!? You either want fans to support you or you don’t . You can’t go telling them when it’s ok and not ok to show your support because it doesn’t suit you at that particular time !! TreeJ baffles me !! What makes them think that they can control fans ?? I either want to laugh out loud when they start threatening fans this way or I get really angry ! I also hope that JKS does not support this . TreeJ is his company , isn’t it ?? That worries me a bit . Anyway , he’s going to have to make the best of the situation . His birthday is coming up soon . I hope he’s ready !! 😂
      Thank you for your feedback . Have a great day !! 😊

  4. Hi, Anonymous , thanks for your feedback too, this blog is a very place for our loyal eels to show our feeling about the TreeJ and dear JKS , ocx we will keep on support JKS as eels , but on the other hand can also express our thoughts about the fan club admin! right! nice talking to you ,Byebye have a nice day , we will wait for his happy and healthy return 👍👏🙏💋❤️😍

    • Absolutely !! I too appreciate this blog very much ! I am grateful for the people who take the time to update it , and keep us in touch with whatever JKS is up too . I depend upon it especially now since he is out of the limelight . I may not always agree with what he and TreeJ in particular may say and do , but that does not mean that I’ll ever stop supporting or caring for our JKS’s well being . 💕
      I think that discussing our various points of view is a good thing . Thank you to those who allow us to share our thoughts and feelings here !! 💕
      Have a great weekend and take care . 😊

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