[Promotional Video] ‘ Human, Space, Time and Human’ provided by AV-Jet International Media

Credit: AV-Jet International Media Co., Ltd.

According to their website, it seems Jang Keun Suk’s latest movie ‘
Human, Space, Time and Human’ will be aired in November, 2018 in their flight services.

★2018 Berlin International Film Festival Panorama Special
★2018 Transilvania International Film Festival

People from all sorts of background set sail on a warship. They get drunk on alcohol, drugs, and sex, and show all aspects of the human race aboard the vast warship that sails out to open sea.

Later, everyone grows tired and falls asleep after a wild, rampant night of violence and lust, then the ship enters an unknown space enveloped in fog.

In the morning, the people wake up to find the seawater vanished and the ship floating in the air. Not knowing where they are and if they can ever make it out of this place, the astonished people become increasingly disturbed and anxious with only one month’s worth of food remaining…

Director:KIM Ki-duk
Cast:Mina FUJII、JANG Keun-suk、AHN Sung-ki、LEE Sung-jae、RYOO Seung-bum、SUNG Ki-youn、Joe ODAGIRI
Running Time:121 mins
Rating: PG15
Released in Korea:TBD
Box Office in Korea:TBA
Released in Taiwan:TBD
Box Office in Taiwan:TBA
In Flight Releases From:2018 / 11

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2 thoughts on “[Promotional Video] ‘ Human, Space, Time and Human’ provided by AV-Jet International Media”

  1. As much as I love you and your acting JKS , I don’t think that I’ll be watching this film . I like to be entertained not traumatized when I watch a movie.
    I’m sure that there are lots of people who would be interested . Good luck !

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ i love it but i dont like the scenes because there are lots bloods and kind a traumatized me when i see those killing scenes but jks oppa is the best on that scenes too i love it


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