[fan-made MV] Waiting for you vs. JKS

Credit: Imaginarium of Cri

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9 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] Waiting for you vs. JKS”

  1. it speak for all Eels nice piece of work ❤️❤️all the best for our Prince we Eels will be waiting for your return please stay healthy and be happy and act positive .We Eels love you forever❤️❤️

  2. Watching this video made me CRY. AWESOME tribute to JKS. You are LOVED my friend Please stay healthy, get some much needed rest, don’t worry, always think positive, wishing you the very best .Will wait for you and time will go by fast.

  3. Thx I have watched the video over and over again,it was so touching! But please be positive, we have to think about the bright sides ! Our Prince has bringing so much happy memories and entertainment and good dramas before, we will be waiting for him just like the messages said he just recharged himself and take some good rest and time for himself . Be happy our Prince ❤️❤️You have millions of Eels waiting for you please don’t let down . We LOVE you and support you till the end. Byebye please stay strong . ZikZin . Everyday we still can watch your DVD and be with you ❤️❤️

  4. The greatest contest is always with the enemy within,and that battleground can be the loneliest place on earth. Good luck to you and try to find your happiness within. love you always.

  5. Hi, during these few day I’ve been repeat watching some of his DVD of live shows and I think I have the same question before ,Why there was no Eng sub in the DVD but only have Japanese sub if he speak in Korean ? Especial ly Crishow Rockumentary Live DVD , bcx there was a lot of talking like questions and answers, like an interview and he is speaking in Korean and there was Japanese sub, but that was very unfair to all our non Japanese Eels , at least should have Eng sub!? Right !! But very lucky the last DVD I bought Cri Present in Seoul has Chinese sub and also English sub . I was so surprised and so happy can understand the whole show. and it was such a ver y good DVD and entertaining too . Thx so much ????????❤️❤️

  6. Morning, thx for posting my comments,in such a quite time, ! Really appreciated ,I think it may be the comments of some loyal Eels ,thx again Byebye have a nice weekend . Lots of Love to our Prince ❤️❤️

  7. what a lovely song and photos of jks oppa i will wait for you to see you again after two years take care of yourself thank you tenshi onni for this very touching

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