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Author: Sheryl Acierto from ECI and Jang keun suk kuwait
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And now, we are in finale week. From the beginning of the drama until to this episode our prince has not change at all. His acting is commendable. And gosh! Why is he soooo gorgeous in every scene! Actually, I had difficulty of constructing this recap coz I cannot concentrate on the plot. I can’t take my eyes off him! Lolz ….

Ok. Let me begin…

The episode began at Baek Joon Soo office. Detective Ko received a call from anonymous informant. He checked his computer and found a video where Secretary Kim attempted to kill fugitive “Sa Do Chan”. He informed the two prosecutor heroes to look on it. “Baek Joon Soo” assumed that Sa Do Chan sent the video. Oh Ha Ra then concluded that it was a set up made by Sa Do Chan. Through this evidence they can arrest Secretary Kim.
Oh Ha Ra called her sister for an exclusive report. Not long after, video aired in flash report by Oh Sa Ra.
Geum Tae Wang saw the news and he was about to explode in anger when “Baek Joon Soo” team came in to arrest Secretary Kim. Upon declaring the reason of his arrest, Detective Ko cuffed Secretary Kim. He is in dazed and don’t know what to do. He turned to his boss but Geum Tae Wang acted as if he know nothing. Right there and then he betrayed his secretary. But Oh Ha Ra warned Geum Tae Wang, he will be the next to be arrested. (I cannot wait for his end! Hmpt!)
And so the team arrested Secretary Kim and was brought to the prosecutor’s office for interrogation. (Now GTW is crippled! Kkkkk)
Meanwhile, Geum Tae Wang is enraged for what happened to his secretary. He came to conclusion that Sa Do Chan’s escaped is a set up to get him. He instructed someone over the phone to tell the General Affairs to get rid of all the personal files and videos related to Secretary Kim. Geum Tae Wang wanted to destroy all the evidences which will direct his involvement to Secretary Kim.
He roared and gritting his teeth while thinking that he was deceived by Sa Do Chan and Baek Joon Soo. (And I am smiling! Kkkk..)
Sa Do Chan acting Baek Joon Soo was outside prosecutors’ office and is on the phone talking to his genius IT Jung In Tae. He complimented him coz the video was sent on time and it was a good quality. He told him that since Secretary Kim is already arrested, it is a race against time, they need to act fast (maybe he is referring in getting evidence before Geum Tae Wang will destroy). Sa Do Chan wears his eyeglasses and went back to office. (Omigosh! So handsome!)
Back to prosecutor’s office, “Baek Joon Soo” is watching Secretary Kim in a one-way mirror while he is inside the interrogation room. Few seconds, Oh Ha Ra and detective female came in. Ha Ra started the interrogation. She asked why he attempted to murder Sa Do Chan. She also asked if Geum Tae Wang ordered him to do it.
She then continued about the attempted murder of Baek Joon Soo, the murder of diplomat Park Young Jin, Nam Seung Tae, K Savings Bank president, Viktor and Sa Ma Chun while showing him their photos one by one. She informed him that if he will not confess and take all the blame, he will get a life imprisonment without parole or even death penalty. But if he will confess that Geum Tae Wang was behind of all these crimes and if he will cooperate in the investigation, he will get fewer penalties and can even get a parole. But Secretary Kim refused to talk and wants to use his right to remain silent, he asked for an attorney instead (your loyalty will bring you down man!).
On the other side of the room, “Baek Joon Soo” is observing the ongoing interrogation when male Chief came in. He asked about the anonymous informant. “Baek Joon Soo” told him it was a hiker. He instructed “Baek Joon Soo” to invite Geum Tae Wang for questioning. “Baek Joon Soo” said he tried to summon him but he refused due to his health condition. The chief is disappointed. He told “Baek Joon Soo” to take the opportunity and make sure to let Secretary Kim confess so that they can catch Geum Tae Wang. The male chief is certain that Secretary Kim was responsible for Baek Joon Soo’s accident in Sokcho and Geum Tae Wang was the mastermind. They just need to let Secretary Kim confess. Chief encouraged “Baek Joon Soo” to hang on and fight till they can catch the culprit.
In the office, Ha Ra and “Joon Soo” are staring on the glass board with photos of bandits and victims including Baek Joon Soo. They are retracing the previous incidents and trying to figure out how to find evidence leading to Geum Tae Wang. Hara suggested that they should start on Sa Ma Chun case, but “Joon Soo” refused. So they agreed to start the case only when Do Chan shows up since he is a witness of the crime. “Joon Soo” told Hara that he will make him testify. Hara murmured why Do Chan escaped prison, “Joon Soo” told her that it is the only way for him to survive.
“Joon Soo” met detective Ko in the hallway. He addressed him in his real name, Sa Do Chan.
In the prison, Detective Ko visited Sa Do Chan as per his request. He is surprised how his looks identical to his boss. Sa Do Chan told the detective that Baek Joon Soo is willing to die in place of him. He asked him to help Baek Joon Soo and make sure he will live no matter what. Although Detective Ko was so surprised, he understood his instruction.
[Back To Present]
Sa Do Chan and Detective Ko are sitting on the bench elsewhere while drinking, both are quiet. Then Detective Ko spoke first. He called Sa Do Chan in the name of Mr. Baek, but Do Chan told him to call him by his real name. Detective Ko sighed, told Sa Do Chan that his plan to save person’s life was right. This is the reason why he helped him. Sa Do Chan reminded him that since he is the only person in prosecutor’s office who knew his identity he might be in danger. He asked him if he is okay with it. Detective Ko then answered him, he may be refined but also simple minded, and then said, he will think of him as Mr. Baek Joon Soo only.
Break from work, Sa Do Chan went home and lie on the sofa. Mr. Bong then asked him if Secretary Kim confesses already, he just waves his finger. Seo Eun Ji told them that he was trained by GTW of course he will not talk. Do Chan spoke in confidence that Hara will take care of Secretary Kim. They just need to contact Cho Sung Doo. And so they plan a set up again, this time to get Cho Sung Doo on their side.
And the set up begin. Cho Sung Doo in a good mood, walking towards his car. He came inside his car while singing. He was surprised when he saw Mr. Bong and In Tae sitting in the back. They put a black plastic bag over his head. They took him somewhere else while his head is covered. He is standing on the rock, with a matching sound of wind and chirping birds (but in reality, he is inside their warehouse). They threatened him to push him in the “cliff”. And “Mr. Spare My Life” of course scared to death. He then begged for his life. Mr. Bong pushed him and fell to the floor. In Tae removed his head cover. He told him they spared his life it is because Sa Do Chan wanted him alive. But if he will betray them again, they will kill him over and over. But Cho Sung Doo in a serious and furious face, told the frauds that before he dies, he must drag a certain man (GTW) into the underworld to kneel before his mother and beg for her forgiveness. The fraud understood that CSD will choose their side over GTW.
And so, Sa Do Chan meets Cho Sung Doo. He confirms if he wants to get revenge to GTW even if he is his father. Cho Sung Doo promised him he will make GTW shed tears with blood. Do Chan advise him that in order to get revenge he must have a cold heart, because if his heart is boiling he will not succeed and make mistakes along the way?
Meanwhile, GTW meets female District Chief Prosecutor in a restaurant. He told the chief prosecutor his suspicion that Baek Joon Soo and Oh Ha Ra was behind the escaped of Sa Do Chan in prison. He told the chief to investigate them through Internal Affairs. And if in the event that they found an evidence of conspiracy for impersonating a prosecutor, the prosecutor office must file a case against them and concentrate on the case. In that way he can loose himself from the bundle of cases waiting for him.
And so the Internal Affairs personnel started to act for an investigation.
Hara interrogated Secretary Kim once again and this time it is about Nam Seung Tae case. As usual he kept quiet. She presented to him that they have evidence directing to him. She reminded him he has only one chance, if he won’t confess and refused to talk who is behind of all the crimes he did, he will spend his whole life in prison without getting a parole.
On the other hand, Geum Tae Wang called Cho Sung Doo in his office. He instructed him to visit Secretary Kim in prison and tell him he gave $2M worth of apartment to his mother. He wanted to inform Secretary Kim that he took care and he provided a better shelter for his mother. When Cho Sung Doo about to leave, Geum Tae Wang called his attention, he told him to take over Secretary Kim duties and responsibilities. And Cho Sung Doo gladly agreed.
On his way out of the gallery, Cho Sung Doo is disappointed because even up to this moment Geum Tae Wang refused to acknowledge him as a son. And this aggravated his anger and made him more aggressive to get revenge. He called Sa Do Chan over the phone, and asked him what he needs to do when he meets Secretary Kim.
As planned, Cho Sung Doo went to prison to meet Secretary Kim. He told him what Geum Tae Wang wanted him to know about his mother. Secretary Kim then told Cho Sung Doo that he knew he is Geum Tae Wang son. Cho sung doo admitted it [he is that assholes son] with a hard face. They talked in secret, it cannot be heard. (Got an another ally! GTW will kill himself now! Kkkk)
In the swindlers hide out, all are anxious. Eun Ji is worried what if their setting will not work. But Mr. Bong calmed them. And then the phone rings. It is GTW. Mr. Bong told In Tae to take his time. He reminds him that he should act as Park Hyuk, the international lawyer. In Tae then calmly answered the call. Looks like GTW wants to meet him to discuss how to launder the 200M dollars back to Korea. All got nervous.
In Tae went to GTW and presented the plan of money laundering using classic cars. He explained how to transport the money. And Cho Sung Doo should take the money to casino to avoid being tracked ( through CSD, they can swindle the money).
Meanwhile, Hara is getting ready to go to work. She puts her necklace and remembers how she got it from Baek Joon Soo. (Her room is cozy)
In the prosecutor’s office, Gil Daero found a leftover juice outside Baek Joon Soo office. He went inside and scolded Detective Ko for it. He then walk towards Hara. He told her that even if she is a troublemaker, [flashback of Hara jumping in the automatic card reader barrier gate] she should keep her basic manner. He also told her to return the necklace she is wearing to the right owner. Obviously, he went there to irritate them and he succeeded. (another leech! He a shame in his profession).
Lunch time. “Baek Joon Soo” and Hara went out for lunch. They ordered pizza. While eating, Hara is complaining about Gil Daero’s misbehavior. Why he always attacked her, specifically her necklace. “Baek Joon Soo” then told Hara to return the necklace to its owner, and then he will buy new one for her. Hara was surprised. She figured out that the person in front of her is not Baek Joon Soo but Sa Do Chan. To test him, she told him that she took the necklace from that “woman”, and then she mentioned pretty Mi Ran. Sa Do Chan is clueless that he was caught red handed. Hara went outside to calm herself. After a while, she went back inside and blows the bomb. She asked him to come with her and meet Baek Joon Soo. Sa Do Chan is speechless of course.
(Hahahah! Gotcha!)
Sa Do Chan and Hara are sitting in the bench elsewhere. She asked why they kept the set up secret from her. Sa Do Chan told her it was Baek Joon Soo idea, because she would be worried if she knew. Do Chan reveal that it was started on the day of his arrest? He explained that Joon Soo planned was to die in place of him. But he upgraded the plan with the help of detective Ko and the swindlers team. Do Chan wanted Joon Soo alive no matter what. She informed her that for the time being he hid Joon Soo while he is not yet well. Hara then told Do Chan to bring her to Joon Soo. (Do Chan is cute whenever he got cornered by Hara, kkkk)
And so they went to Baek Joon Soo. Hara met unconscious Joon Soo. He is in coma. (Can Joon Soo survive?)

After the commercial break, the episode started with Hara and Do Chan walking in the gleaming footbridge. (So beautiful place for lovers.)
While walking they had a talk about Baek Joon Soo. Hara thanked Do Chan for keeping Joon Soo safe. Do Chan said, it terrified him just the thought of someone had to sacrifice his life for him to be alive and to live someone else life. They also talked about Joon Soo’s surgery. Both are wishing of the success of the surgery.
Hara then glanced at Do Chan; she told him he is a good person. Do Chan was stunned because of her unexpected compliment. Hara asked, “What is wrong? You seem to like my compliments before.” He told her that her kind words was easy to take when he was acting as Baek Joon Soo, but this time is intended for him so he is taken aback. Hara became serious, she told him she is thankful that Do Chan is the one who copied and acted as Joon Soo, otherwise she will have a hard time.
Scene cut to Baek Joon Soo lying on the bed getting ready for surgery. Then the scene switched to operation theatre, all paraphernalia are ready. OT team began the surgical procedure.
Meanwhile in the prosecution office, Detective Ko met the representatives from Internal Affairs.
They took him to IA office for questioning. He is trembling and anxious. IA personnel told him he is Baek Joon Soo’s detective how come he didn’t notice anything about Baek Joon Soo’s impersonator. They showed proof that some time ago he suspected his boss’ identity. Detective Ko explained he got his finger prints but it is 99.9% compatible. The two IA didn’t stop there, they want to corner him. They asked why he suspected Baek Joon Soo in the first place; sure there is something about him. The detective said Baek Joon Soo is a nice person and thoughtful that’s why. And he is different from the other prosecutors he had worked with before. The two IA personnel are still suspicious. They warned him, if he is involved in the case, he will be severely punished and even lost his job. Detective Ko got mad (maybe an act), he said, it is fine if he will quit but why they don’t believe him when he told them Baek Joon Soo is a good person, and he insisted that his boss is really a great person.
Then he went outside, still in dazed and stressed. He looked around no one is there so he hid himself, feeling weak and slowly fell down on the floor. He prayed Do Chan to hang on; he will save him even if his life will matter.
The scene cut off to “Baek Joon Soo” waiting in the room somewhere private inside the prosecution office. Detective Ko came in and “Baek Joon Soo” came forward and asked him why he want to meet him there. Detective Ko informed him about IA investigation. He pleaded not to tell anyone coz he signed an oath to keep it secret. “Baek Joon Soo” got worried.
“Baek Joon Soo” meets the ex-prime minister Choi Jung Pil in a restaurant. He asks all related information about GTW illegal activity and even the insignificant one. Choi Jung Pil said he will participate as long as Baek Joon Soo can bring GTW to prison, he doesn’t care what will happen to him. Anyway he is old and has fewer days to live in earth. He said he is sure that Secretary Kim carried out the killing of the president of the K Savings bank by the order of GTW. “Baek Joon Soo” asked if they are using burner phones. The old man told him they got it from phone shop managed by certain Mr. Yoon in Yeongdeungpo. He instructed “Baek Joon Soo” to go and check and will surely find which phone numbers of GTW and Secretary Kim they are using.
While Hara was on the way to check the phone shop, Sa Do Chan called and confirmed with her if she read his message about the phone shop. Hara smiled, she said, she is on her way there. She compliments him; he got significant information from Choi Jung Pil. They were talking when a dump truck went over to Hara’s car and hit her. Do Chan shocked, he knew something bad happened to Hara.
Sa Do Chan rushed to the hospital where Hara got an emergency treatment. The on duty nurse forbids him from going inside the treatment room. He is too nervous.
Later on in the hospital, mother and sister of Hara are crying. The male chief and “Baek Joon Soo” uneasy and waiting outside the treatment room when the two detective running over. They reported to the chief that the identity of the driver who hit Hara. He was intoxicated and a homeless man.
“Baek Joon Soo” is furious, he walked out and plans to go to GTW but Detective Ko stopped him. He said he understood what he is going through but this is not the right way. He begged him not to go to GTW, because if he will cause trouble, he might ruin everything. Male chief butt in. He calmly told “Joon Soo” Hara was already injured, what will happen to their investigation if he will also get hurt. Detective Ko seconded, how they can catch GTW without one of them?
Male chief continued and got emotional, he said, if “Joon Soo” will kill GTW, it is not a good step. They did not come to this far if they want a sloppy result such like killing GTW. He told “Joon Soo” not to stoop down and be like GTW. No matter what, they must follow protocols, punish and indict Geum Tae Wang as stated by the law and its principles. Both detective and male chief begged him; fortunately, “Baek Joon Soo” listened to them.
On the other hand, GTW is playing and enjoying a march instrumental music. He feels victorious about what happened to Hara, and said the incident should serve as a warning for them.
In the prosecution office, “Baek Joon Soo” talked to the two detectives. He reminded them that whoever had connections with the GTW ended up losing their life. So they must get a confession for all the killings happen was instructed by him, they have to find a witness, whoever he is. To begin with, they must pressure Secretary Kim. So “Baek Joon Soo” instructed Detective Ko to find the other details of Secretary Kim past transaction, and gave the phone numbers which Secretary Kim using. He also instructed female detective to review the autopsy reports of people were murdered. She can surely find some discrepancies.
In the hospital, Hara woke up and conscious. She recognized her mother and sister. The doctor came in. He said, she became unconscious due to shock but her injuries are not severe. She just had a hairline fracture in her elbow. (Wow, considering it was a big accident, that must be a miracle kkk). “Baek Joon Soo” anxiously rushed in. He was relieved when he saw Hara is already awake.
Do Chan stayed beside Hara. When Hara woke up and saw Do Chan sitting beside her, she told not to worry because she is fine now. She told Do Chan to go back to work and continue the investigation; GTW must sense that this incident doesn’t scare them. Do Chan jokingly said, in this manner I will really become an actual prosecutor. Hara then smiled.
Happening in prosecutor’s office. Gil Dae Ro met the two representatives from IA on the alley. When he heard that the two came from IA, this sloppy prosecutor had just slipped out his misconduct. The two personnel laughed. They told him it is not about him. It is about Baek Joon Soo.
The scene set up change to investigation room. Gil Dae Ro participated to the investigation. He told them he had doubted Baek Joon Soo some time ago, but ended him in a funny situation. They asked him if he had remembered something suspicious about Joon Soo.
He remembered then when he coincidentally heard Hara telling Joon Soo, perhaps he has attended law school coz he seem so knowledgeable about the law. And another moment when the female chief asked “Joon Soo” about one case if he can handle it and his answer seemed off.
[Flashback Photos]
Meal time in the hospital, Do Chan is still with Hara. He gave his full service to Hara. He fixed her bed, gave her water. He joke that despite of what happened, her appetite has not change. She then jokingly said that she needs to eat well to catch GTW. Do Chan yawned, scratched his eyes. He is tired and sleepy. Hara feel sorry to Do Chan.
After Do Chan left the hospital, Hara had other visitors. Two detectives came to report and submit some document to her. Afterwards, Detective Ko asked if she wants her favorite noodles, she said yes, and then the detective jokingly asked money for the noodles. All laughed. They have a good rapport.
Sa Do Chan went back to Hara. Both are reviewing/studying some documents. Hara got something in her eyeglass. She still can’t move her elbow well so she asked Do Chan to clean it for her. Do Chan tease Hara? He said he has this feeling that he is doing unnecessary orders from her. Hara tried to take back the glass but didn’t succeed. The eyeglass is cleaned. She moved her face towards Do Chan asking him to put the eyeglasses on her. She thanked him after. (They are cute together kkk..)
Scene changed to Gallery. Cho Sung Doo informed GTW that the 200M dollars was already deposited for the classic cars, and taxes are not too high since all are used cars. GTW is happy of the news. He ordered him to convert the money to bank cheques. CSD is surprised, he told GTW in that way money will be tracked. (What will happen to their set up?) GTW ordered him to Gangseon Land and gamble using the money. CSD refused. He told him he quit gambling, but GTW insisted him to go and meet director Song. He told CSD he will teach him to legally gamble. And so Cho Sung Doo cannot say any word anymore.
It is a good day for Hara. Finally she started to go to office after the accident. “Baek Joon Soo” cheerfully welcomes her in the hallway. She told “Joon Soo” she will crush the person who broke her extremity. They entered the room and everybody happily welcomes her.
Hara started to work. She asked female detective about her inspection in Busan pertaining to the worth 2M dollars apartment which GTW promised to Secretary Kim for his mother. Indeed, apartment is worth $2M but not registered to Secretary Kim’s mother although she is staying there. The apartment is registered under the names of 5 employees of Feel Gallery owned by GTW.
Few minutes, Detective Ko came in; he was surprised but happy when he saw Hara on her desk. They shake hands. He then walk towards “Baek Joon Soo”, he showed to him the result of his analysis about Secretary Kim’s burner phones. The time of K Savings Bank’s president death, Secretary Kim was also in the area. So, Hara instruct Detective Ko to bring Secretary Kim for questioning.
Cho Sung Doo and his assistant carried out GTW instruction. He met Director Song in the parking area and showed the money to him. Afterwards they left the area (I guess Director Song lead them to the gambling area.)
GTW was all set. He received a call from Director Song. He asked if the “activity” is done (referring to CSD gambling). The other line confirmed. He laughed and asked how come he loses $200M so quickly. He told director Song that he is on his way.
Not too far away, swindlers team is tailing GTW.
Soon after, GTW arrived in the area. Director Song showed and led him to warehouse.
Swindlers team is watching GTW activity in the CCTV.
Back to prosecutor’s office, Hara and “Baek Joon Soo” questioning Secretary Kim on the day of bank president’s time of death, he was in the same area, that he was tracked through his burner phones. “Joon Soo” told him someone saw and testified that Secretary Kim was within the vicinity.
Hara also showed Secretary Kim the title of apartment which GTW promised him for his mother. “Joon Soo” added that GTW pretended to buy the apartment to hostage his mother. And this made Secretary Kim talk. He told the prosecutors that he had conclusive evidence against GTW. But he will only tell them where it is if they can move his mother to a safer place. Hara then promise Secretary Kim that she will take care of his mother.
And when the questioning was ended, “Baek Joon Soo” received a call from In Tae. He told him the “Package” is on move. They informed male chief that the laundered money was on its way. The chief then gave them the warrant. He ordered Hara and “Joon Soo” to move fast because the culprit might escape.
On the same time, the superior of IA personnel came and ask the progress of their investigation. Personnel 1 told him there is no proof of direct involvement between Baek Joon Soo, Hara and Sa Do Chan. Soon after, the superior personnel got an instruction to interrogateJoon Soo and Hara even if they don’t have proof.
“Baek Joon Soo” team was all set up to carry out the warrant and on the move. On the other hand, IA team was also on their way to get “Baek Joon Soo” and Oh Hara.
The two groups met in the hallway. IA personnel stopped “Baek Joon Soo” team. The IA personnel told them, they came to question Hara and Joon Soo. He accused them as accomplices of Sa Do Chan. There is tension between the groups.
Fortunately someone informed the male Chief about the coercion in the lobby.
In the lobby, the tension got tighten. Hara became fiercer, she asked if their matter more important than a carrying out a warrant? But the IA officers didn’t budge. They insisted that their investigation will be invalid once their conspiracy is proven.
The male chief hurried down to check the situation. He then saw his colleague from other branch holding his team from leaving the premises. He was furious and shouted at the senior IA officer. He asked what is going on. His team is on their way to officiate a warrant why he is stopping them. But senior IA officer accused the male Chief prosecutor as part of the connivance. The male chief then said to let them go and he will take responsibility instead.
“Baek Joon Soo” team then proceeded on their way to catch GTW and left both senior prosecutors in stressful situation.
On the other hand, GTW arrived in his gallery along with the small container van. His men rushed forward to unload the goods from the van. From a distance, the swindlers are watching the situation through CCTV. They are unable to relax because the arresting officers not yet came. They wish to catch GTW while in the act.
Meanwhile “Baek Joon Soo” team is on their way almost approaching Feel Gallery. The arresting officers are all nervous. While GTW and his men are busy in moving the goods to the gallery.
And the arresting officers arrived to the area. The officers approach GTW, informed and showed him the warrant of arrest for his goodies (suspected to be the laundered money).
And the officers began the search. Joon Soo open one wooden box and found a cabbage inside. When the other team members saw the vegetables, they check and open the boxes one by one. All are filled up with cabbages. “Baek Joon Soo” team are shocked in the unforeseen circumstances.
GTW then sarcastically asked Hara and “Joon Soo” if they will going to seize the cabbages. Both are flustered and speechless.They are puzzled how did GTW managed to pull the bluff on them.
And the two prosecutors are boiling inside from being deceived by GTW.

To be continued… [END]

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