[2018-05-13] Tree-J twitter

To all fans who are now at drama filming site,
please leave there immediately.

For the upcoming final episode,
the filming are now in progress in a tight schedule.

The situation on the site is getting very tense,
so we need your cooperation for the smooth filming.

Thanks for your understanding.

(Please translate our tweet and retweet it)

지금 드라마 촬영 현장에 있는
모든 팬 여러분들은 철수해주세요

마지막 주 방송을 앞두고
빠듯하고 급하게 촬영 진행 중입니다

현장 상황이 매우 급박하오니
원활한 촬영을 위해 협조해주세요

(번역과 리트윗 부탁드립니다)

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2 thoughts on “[2018-05-13] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Oh no… Please give him space. He need to focus in order to give his best for the final episode. I hope everything is under control now.

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