[News] Jang Keun-suk considers becoming ‘Peacock King’

Photo credit: Yonhap

Actor Jang Keun-suk is considering a return to TV screens after two years away, with the upcoming SBS series “Peacock King,” local media outlets reported Monday.

Tree J Company confirmed the actor was recently approached by the production staff of the drama series, but they are still reviewing the proposal.

If Jang takes up the offer, he will play the part of a swindler who is smart enough to prepare for the bar exam, but chooses not to become a prosecutor.

Since the character in the series is not an actual prosecutor, the swindler arrests criminals that commit crimes beneath the radar of policer, including politicians. It is said the main character will take on two roles.

Jang has focused on his career in Japan after being cast in SBS historical drama series “Jackpot” (2016). With his possible return to Korean television, industry insiders expect the upcoming series to receive considerable attention.

It is also the first time director Nam Tae-jin, of “Temporary Idols,” distributed via Netflix, will tackle a mini-drama series.

“Peacock King” is scheduled to air on SBS next year.

By Catherine Chung (cec82@heraldcorp.com)

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4 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun-suk considers becoming ‘Peacock King’

  1. It was like everyday I woke up I wanted to see a breaking news of JKS’s new drama & so did it happen today.. after so long wait!! I am just sooooo happy!! All eels are so happy today..

    Me n my bestie (also an eel) had our last exams today too n after all stress, after our exams, we got this daebak news from Newbie sis (Thank you).. just imagine our reaction.. haha..

    like everytime, The character seems unique again haha & the storyline too..
    He is excellent & the best.. No doubt he will gift us a fantastic drama again.. Just waiting for prince’s confirmation & very excited for the lead actress.. omo!!

  2. This is very good news.. he will play 2 character roles. Praying hard he will accept the offer ASAP.
    I may be wrong but I THINK he can’t confirm straightaway because he’s awaiting confirmation of his military service official date to report. If Peacock King starts airing in March, I THINK he’ll enlist in summer.????????
    Sorry for the long comment, I haven’t posted any comments here for a long time hahaha????????????

  3. Oh my, I did read that he was considering a drama comeback but the premise sounded like partial Suits, and that’s what registered to me, and then I just remembered it, Peacock King?! Wasn’t he a Peacock in his Hwayugi’s oh so short but super sweet cameo? Hmmmm. Very interesting. Hoping for another captivating drama.

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