[Movie Trailer] Theater version ‘Daebak’ ~the fatal moment~

Credit: 映画ライフログサービス KINENOTE

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1 thought on “[Movie Trailer] Theater version ‘Daebak’ ~the fatal moment~

  1. OMG! I love the drama and wanna watch the movie.. 🙁

    And a friend of mine from Vietnam posted in IG today, that Daebak is being aired again on VTV9 channel.. waaaahhh.. Happy for the success of Jackpot.. 🙂

    I pray if it can be aired in India also just like YAB n Love Rain we’re aired. The story line of Jackpot is very similar to our mythological stories.. There is lot to learn from a man like “Daegil” & our JKS too.. haha.. More n more must watch this great drama of our Prince.. ❤

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